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I've gained about 18-20lb and I'm 28 weeks. I'm feeling pretty good about that. I've been taking weekly pictures and I was way too skinny before now that I can go back and see. I was about 115lbs at 5'5. I honestly like my new curves! :) I gained most of my weight in the 2nd trimester, so I'm happy to hear it's good for the baby! 
People truly amaze me! The only obnoxious comments we get are from my BIL (husbands bro). They have a 15 month old and all they say to us is "can't wait til you see how it is, no sleep, tired, and having to deal with a child is tough!!" It's our first, so people assume we know nothing. I recently came home from work and was just exhausted. My BIL said "imagine coming home and still having to come home to cook and take care of a crazy crying baby!!" Sorry you hate your...
I'm pretty sure I'm going to just get it. I work in a doctor's office so I feel like its worth it.
I feel sick all the time unless I am eating a little something. I had an appt today and I've gained 2-3lbs at 8w4d. Before pregnancy, I was a big dieter... while trying to get pregnant I realized I needed to up my calories. Now that I am pregnant, I am enjoying food a lot more within reason. Luckly, I haven't had any vomiting. I've had disordered eating in the past, so I'm trying to stay positive and listen to my body.
Before pregnancy, I'd use splenda in my coffee and drink the occasional diet soda. I've read so many things that I wasn't sure what to believe. Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject? Sometimes I just want a diet soda! (non caffienated, of course).
monkeyscience, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you and hope you heal peacefully.
I've been drinking 1 cup of half caff/half decaf. It's been fine for me. Other than that, I gave up all caffeine. It wasn't too bad considering I was addicted to diet coke before pregnancy!
I had my first appointment today! I was so excited and nervous lol. Not much happened though. I got to sit down and talk to my doctor (who is so sweet). He was surprised to see me there because I was there 2 weeks for a check up and I told him we had been trying for a while with no luck. He came in his office and said "well that was fast!" So, it was exciting that his nurses and staff were happy for me. Since my cycles were irregular, he's doing an US in 2 weeks and did...
I'm the same way! I examine my toilet paper every bathroom trip like a crazy woman. Every little twinge makes me nervous too. This is my first and I'm 26. I'm nervous because morning sickness hasn't kicked in yet. What symptoms are you having?
I'm Nicole and I'm 26. DH and I have been married for 3 years, but were high school sweethearts so we've been together forever! We started our TTC journey in May and got pregnant the 3rd cycle! I'm feeling very blessed because my cycles are long and all over the place. I've wanted to have a family for as long as I can remember, so this is a dream come true! I'm a social worker working at a prenatal/Medicaid clinic... I see all kinds of stuff so I'm a nervous wreck about...
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