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Perfect people! Would you rather have an infinite money source or an infinite food source?
Love it! Chicken n dumplings
La Leche League could also be a good place to meet like-minded mamas with babies around the same age...my local LLL has morning cafe meetings that meet up 2x a month, just an informal chat to check in with each other. I've found Meetup.com to very helpful in just finding events to take my kiddo occasionally, but never "clicked" with these groups on a regular basis. That said, I did attend a meetup and connected with one mom who lived close to me...we started out just...
I'm pretty much finished with everything I can do as far as nesting is concerned (that doesn't mean everything is done, but the ball is in DH's court now!) So in order to win the waiting game, I'm taking advantage of sleeping when my son is, and listening to my hypnobabies affirmations. Whenever I get overly obsessed with labor symptom spotting or thinking about natural induction techniques, I visualize my baby like a little rosebud or baby chick hatching from an egg. I...
How about natural consequences? She can go outside without her boots and mittens, and the minute she expresses discomfort to you about her hands or feet being cold, she gets a choice: she can put on her mittens/boots and play outside some more, or she can go back inside. I promise you, she won't get hypothermia!
I'll be at a hospital, Erigeron. Good point about the stool softener...I seem to remember DH having to run to the hospital pharmacy to get some for me, but it could have been on our way out. I know that the hospital will provide baby clothes, I just really prefer the little kimono style shirts and would rather have them on hand in case the hospital has regular onesies.
I'm all packed up! For the most part.... I have a nursing nightgown for the delivery room that I don't mind getting dirty, along with a hoody. The hoody is important because it has pockets and I'll need to have a place to keep my iPod as I listen to the hypnobabies tracks and walk/move around. Other stuff I have packed for delivery room: Tank top/sweat pants (in case I want an alternate to the nightie early on) Slipper socks Slippers Headbands/ponytail holders/bobby...
I'm with your mom on this one...I'm due Feb. 3 and have asked my DH, who drives long distances for his job, to stay within an hour of our home starting Jan. 13th (when I'll be 37 weeks and therefore term). He'll be going out of state (an 8 hour drive) at the end of next week, but he'll be driving, so if anything should happen with me, he won't be stuck trying to catch an emergency flight back.
Go with Zenith, since it's something you both can agree upon, even if you're not in love with it. It's really unique! Have an alternate on standby just in case the baby is not a Zenith to you. BTW, we discovered via an absent-minded ultrasound tech that we're having a boy, so we're having a Samuel Jude! My DH was opposed to the name "Jude" as well, but I told him that it would mean a lot to me to name our child after my grandmother (Judith), and he agreed. I think he was...
Thanks for your response, lillitchka! When you started to express, were you immediately able to express the colostrum or did it take a few sessions to get droplets? I tried yesterday after a shower for about 5 minutes per breast and got nothing. Does this mean I won't be able to express colostrum until after the baby is born?
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