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We use family cloth, I send my breastmilk to daycare in mason jars and I only wash my hair once a week
I am so sorry about your situation. Your husband does not sound very supportive. Can you reach out to a local moms group? La Leche League? It sounds like you need to have a long talk with your husband and maybe some marriage counseling
During pregnancy I became drawn to Buddhism because of my dreams and a family superstition about reincarnation. Now I really want to study it. And moms here buddhist?
I sent this to my mom the other day. It has some tips to minimize risk http://empoweredsustenance.com/skip-the-colonoscopy/
Meepycat, I hope your health is better now. I vaccinate my son for people like you
I think there is so much information out there to support both sides of the argument. I find it interesting that many people base their decisions on past reactions or knowing someone who contracted a vaccibe preventable disease. I don't have personal experience on either side. However, my decision could change if I did get some experience
I love Paulo Coelho. My favorites of his are The Witch of Portabello and The Alchemist
I am born and raised catholic and married a Buddhist man. I now see similarities in all religions and really enjoy learning about God in many different ways. My family does not believe one can identify with multiple religions, but I think you can. Anyone else feel the same?
For those of you who do vaccinate, I love love to know how you came to this decision. We have almost fully vaccinated so far because my research has led me to believe the benefits outweigh the risks
My six month old just cut two teeth and is now cutting two more. We have a raw Baltic amber necklace on him and are using Hylands tablets and punkin butt teething oil. Nothing seems to be helping. Outside of pain meds what can I try?
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