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I use the Wondfo OPK strips from Amazon. I bought a combo pack that's 50 OPKs and 20 pregnancy tests for $22. I haven't used any of the pregnancy tests though because I've read that they're inaccurate.
Well, I gave in and took an OPK today. So much for not monitoring this month!  It was positive, so you can move me to the 2WW.
 Yeah, he just started taking FertilAid for Men and Count Boost. He had his vasectomy reversal in May, so we're still in the normal recovery period. I'm also drinking FertiliTea and taking Evening Primrose Oil for cervical mucous, so our counter looks nuts. :) But it doesn't hurt and it makes us feel like we're doing all we can.
We're starting to BD again tonight. I'm taking a more low-key attitude to this cycle: not temping or using an OPK. Just regular BD every other day. We got the results from my husband's latest semen analysis and motility is back to normal. Counts are still low (5 million), but they're rising. So we're hopeful.   We use PreSeed as lube whenever we have sex to try to conceive. I use the applicator to insert it right before we start. Haven't had a positive result yet, but...
Well hello, Aunt Flo. You can put me back in the Waiting to O category.    There are some months when I don't really care, and some months where it's really hard. A week ago, I dreamt I was pregnant. And my sister-in-law just gave birth to twins. They were much-anticipated after years of infertility, so it's truly a joyous occasion. But this month is still hard. It's so frustrating that you can do everything "right," but it's just not within your control. Trying to let...
I ovulated on Monday and am now waiting.
I'm waiting to ovulate—should happen in the middle of next week.
For a while, I lived just a few miles from my work. It was very convenient, but there was also more of an expectation that I would make it in in inclement weather or work after hours because I lived so close. I resented that. Now I live about 20 minutes away to help my husband have a shorter commute. Even though it's not as environmentally sound, I actually really like having a division between my home and my work. I would never live above or right near my work, though. I...
I never know quite how to answer this question. We're kind of maybe dealing with male infertility? We're trying to conceive after a vasectomy reversal. Neither us of has any children. He always wanted them, but his ex-wife didn't. Now we're hopeful and have been trying for four cycles since the surgery, but he currently has an extremely low sperm count due to swelling. He's totally open to any other options to have children; I feel strongly about conceiving a child that's...
Looks like AF is on its way for me this month. We also got the results back on my husband's latest semen analysis and his count and motility are waaaaaay down, most likely do to swelling. The doctor has prescribed some medicine that will hopefully help that. Fingers crossed we have better luck next month.
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