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I'm out! AF just showed her ugly head at 17dpo. Ohh well, I didn't think my body was ready yet anyway. Good luck and baby dust to you all.
II'm testing tommorrow too. I am 9dpo...I want to test today so bad..but I'm holding out.
Still to early to test but everything taste wierd, Im extremely nauseated and tired. I better get a BFP Thursday. =)
Congrats Patty!
Fishy wishy, how are you feeling? I'm feel pretty nomal. No breast pain/tenderness at all which is a good sign for me. I will be testing In 7more days. Fingers crossed for a Feb baby!
Lol, I know how you feel. The guessing game, just keep tracking every little symptoms. Wait to test till the very last minute. Good luck!!! Baby dust to us all!
If your due for AF next Thursday, then I wouldn't test until Wed.
Anything different is a good sign. I haven't noticed a difference in smell down there. Every month my boobs hurt like crazy after ovulation..they are not hurting this time. =)
Hey there. Good luck to you both. What part of Cali are you in?
Im really not sure what day I o'd. I'm going off of mydays app.
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