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These are good tips.  I will need them (fingers crossed0 for our upcoming move.
Oh, delightedbutterfly, hoping this is your month.   I am impressed by all you ladies temping.  I couldn't even manage to POAS at the same time more than 2 days in a row for the OPKs.  CD20 and no idea what's going on.
Whoo-hooo! pepperedmoth!   And, jayray, boo, yeast!  This may be TMI but sometimes what has offered some relief for me is garlic.  I take an unpeeled clove, sometimes cut just a teensy bit, wrap it in gauze and knot it and insert like a tampon. The gauze acts like a tampon string so you can get it out.   As for me, still waiting to O as far as I can tell, and trying not to get nervous since my midwife says my FSH is high and my thyroid is a little off.   Good...
    Hopefully, you've already solved this one, but I'm a big fan of zappos for bathing suits.  I just order a bunch, they come quickly, and you can try them on at home, and put the rest back in the box.  Super fast and easy.  It's also how I've been getting shoes for my LO since there is no good place to shop for kids shoes around here.
Aww, brooksfam,  I was in that position last month.  Hope you have better luck than I did.   delightedbutterfly - Hope you feel better soon   and bonadl - fingers crossed!
My 3 year old can hide for a really long time, always the same spot so that sometimes buys us time to finish a task while we count VERY slowly.   I can't stand wrestling, rolling around in a bug pile kind of pile, which my husband is expert at, and my daughter loves.  He is also really good at making anything into a puppet/character and she eats that up.  I'm better at specific activities - cooking, reading - and thankfully she loves those, too.  I'm also better at...
  Just let my DD watch a Richard Scarry video so (after 2days!) I could do her hair.  With all this humidity it's the only way outside of the bathtub to get through the curls.   Too expensive to buy all organic, so we don't.   I'm a big fan of the swiffer and paper towels.  I've promised myself that someday we'll have  a washer/dryer and then we can abandon the paper, but until then ...  And we clean with all kinds of things.   There's definitely some plastic in the...
delightedbutterfly and newgirlintown - fingers crossed for you!!   I'm on CD11 and just got some OPKs from a friend who is pregnant.  Test says no surge so I'm hoping we haven't missed.  
Hi, everyone,   Move me to waiting to O.   Maybe July will be it?
Congrats, seattlemama!  Looks like you may be the last BFP of the month.   AF arrived on the eve of the day I'd planned to test.  I'm trying to look on the bright side - at least I still have 2 tests, though that may just make the next TWW harder.     sigh ...   Bring on July!
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