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My vote is for "props" or "mad props,"  but "a like" will do. 
Cycle day 28, which is late for me, and about 2 hours ago had some brown spotting, which seems to have stopped.  Hoping, hoping, hoping that AF doesn't decide to show the night before I was going to test.  Tho' I suppose that's better than a bfn.   Waiting and trying to hold off any excitement or early disappointment.     Sooo hard!
  Ah, that's a big difference between boys and girls. I think the whole potty thing is the first of many times that we have to just let go and let them work the rest out for themselves.  I think it took DD around 2-3 months, after being otherwise diaper-free, to poop in the potty full-time.
Congrats, cressyhoke!!!   Still waiting to know on cycle day 27, but went and bought tests today.  27 days would be long for me but I'm trying to wait until Sunday.  Now that I'm on summer break, it's hard to be busy enough to stay distracted.   Waiting, waiting, waiting ...
DD was the same way, although she didn't mind pooping in her pants as long as she was at home.  It took a while (can't remember exactly but definitely a few months) for her to poop in the potty.  We tried just having her sit a certain times for a long time but she would just hang out and poop in her pants later.  What finally did it was having her pants and/or underpants free and keeping a close eye and getting her to the potty at the right time.  Once she came around to...
  I'm not a fan of doctors so I've only go as far as seeing my midwife to make sure all my parts are in order and, because the timing was off, some blood tests next cycle.  Next step would be DH getting checked out (but we haven't had that conversation yet).  I started getting acupuncture regularly a couple of months ago, too.  I LOVE acupuncture and have had amazing results with other health issues in the past.  Again, I'm trying not to raise my expectations so at the...
Been busy with the end of the school year, but now time to focus!   delightedbutterfly,  That all sounds so familiar!  I get my baby hopes fix from motherhood, too!   Big congrats to all who got their BFP's this month!!!  My DD was born in March.  I'm hoping ...   I feel like this is my month but don't have any real symptoms, just a lot of cramping and a lot of wishing.  I'm on cycle day 25, and I'm usually a 24-26 day kind of girl.  Still don't have any...
I actually read it last summer but Cutting for Stone was an amazing read.   And ditto what's been said about Hunger Games and Lois Lowry.  Sometimes "young adult" novels make perfect summer reading since you can easily squeeze one in in an evening or nap or whenever.  I think the Giver is part of a series as well; the latest, Son, came out pretty recently.
Hi, everyone!   I have been lurking for a while, but now that we're actively TTC #2, I'm joining in for some support.  I'm in the waiting to know part of the month and after a few months I'm not even buying a test until the end of the month.   best baby wishes to all!
Hi, everyone,   I am 41 and ttc #2.  We've been trying not very scientifically for a year.  The difference between 40 and 41 felt kind of big so we're getting serious.  It's about that time, so keeping my fingers crossed for this cycle.   peace and baby blessings to everyone!
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