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Here he is!! Finn Bear arrived on 14.01.14 after a 20 hour labour he was delivered by c section. My cervix didn't progress beyond 9 cm for many hours plus his head position was awkward and his head is very large!! He weighed in at 4.035kg and is very strong!! So blessed and blissed out xx love to all the mamas P.s eggplant curry + good sex bought on labour very fast!!
Hello Mamas, I thought it was time to stop lurking and join in as I'm awaiting labour this week and each day is bringing new things so thought I'd share where I'm at; I've been losing my plug for a while (over the last 3weeks) but five days ago had a show whilst waiting to get acupuncture (at 39 + 5) and since then have had a bit of an interesting journey with different feelings daily; Wednesday was a good day after acupuncture, didn't want to go out and see anyone,...
Great books! Have to get so e of these recommendations. I'm reading Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May, and also her guide to childbirth, and the book "you are your child's first teacher" for a Steiner Waldorf approach to parenting. Really enjoying all the books so far!
Hi Mamas, I also turned down the screening, here in Australia they do an NT scan and (mother) blood test combo, but I knew that I wouldn't terminate whatever the result, so we decided we didn't need the stress of testing. It's such an emotional area of pregnancy! If the NT and bloods come back as a high risk (which is isn't accurate) they recommend the other invasive tests, which again might not be accurate. Also consider your age and family tree as factors for testing...
Hi Mamas, I'm having a rough few weeks, constant headache, feeling sick and nauseous, dizzy and sleepy, one blackout. I'm hoping things will be easier next week as we are moving house and I need to get off the sofa so they can move it!! I'm 13+4 so I hope this is the transition time between placenta taking over, really looking forward to being able to cook and eat real food again, not just yoghurt and cookies. I definitely put on weight before the MS kicked in, but my...
Thanks Tspencer!! feeling very woozy in bed, glad I have my computer with me! X
Wow, just blacked out on the kitchen floor, I'm ok back in bed now but that was horrible! No idea how long I was out, think i got up too fast. Definitely taking it easy today.
I'm in need of some morning sickness remedies, as its really rough this week, going to try Epsom salts today!!!
I also think its very rude to ask a mother to be that question; My partner and I have been prepared for it but no one has asked (yet). We live abroad and are having a long engagement (2 years) before travelling back home for our June wedding next year, and the baby was planned! It felt like the right time, and I charted my cycle etc... That was a special process for me. I'm just wondering, if people asked "was it planned?" Does that actually mean the same thing as "was...
Oh meg, this is such sad news, I'm so sorry. I will miss you x sending love and prayers
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