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I'm interested in this info, too!
I'm sorry for your loss and your sadness. I lost my son in december, and it's just not something a mama should have to go through.
Quote: Originally Posted by nonconformnmom I agree with the main themes of feedback found on this thread. I would like to state a specific issue I have with the requirement for ISP email addresses. My ISP email address is my name (that is required by the ISP) and my ISP is very location-specific. So for me to use my ISP email address I would basically be exposing my identity and my location to anyone who cared to do a google search and locate my home...
We did actual cooked barley grains with DS1. He hated the texture of ground up mushed up baby food, so he ate grated apple, barley grains, tiny avocado chunks, etc.
Not using sunblock on very young infants has to do with skin surface area relative to body size. (google for a more thorough explanation) The recommendation I've received is to put a hat and light l/s tee shirt on, then dab sunscreen on cheeks, nose, and hands..feet if they're exposed, too. Put it on as little surface area of the body as possible but still stay protected.
My parents were pretty crunchy...cloth diapers on both me and my brother. Natural childbirth with him, I was a saddle block in a military hospital. We were welcome in the family bed until grade school. My mom definitely practiced gentle discipline. A lot of natural consequences and emphasis on honesty and respect. I guess I've just taken my upbringing and educated myself on the why's and how's. Parenting is definitely the "crunchiest" aspect of my life, but I think I...
my aunt suggested sprinkling baby powder at entry points, along door & windowsills. worked so far this year. i like the vinegar idea, too
Hi! My DS2 was born on April 1. We had a great birth at a BC. He was 8-15 at birth, and is now close to 15lbs. He likes his mama milk. DS1 turned 3 on May 11 and is thrilled to be a "big bruvver."
Don't give cereal. 6wks is prime time for a growth spurt. I don't know anything about amounts, but you might want to offer a bit more at each feeding and see how your baby does.
that's all I have to say. Drawstrings are my friend.
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