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Welcome to the world, Leo! He is BEAUTIFUL :
Wife...We were legally married here in CA on June 30! We still slip up and say partner once in a while but prefer wife.
We go every year with our kids and march with Our Family Coalition. It's a blast and the kids lOVE it. There is a family garden area designated for families with children. We usually camp out there after the parade and visit with all of our friends that we only see once a year- at PRIDE! Have a fabulous time, enjoy the energy and the day....If you want to come say "hi" to us in the garden, we'll be the 2 mamas with "bride to be" sashes on..... we are getting married the...
I have others that I don't think anyone mentioned: coming out while in a heterosexual relationship- Imagine Me and You ( a comedy with Piper Perabo) Another is Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family. This is a documentary about a triad family.It is a really good (and sad) film highlighting a family unit that isn't often explored in American culture.
Hi! This is not a book but there is a special right now on LOGO called something like "Late Life Lesbians". It is all about women who are coming out later in life. I've also heard of a book called " From Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life" that addresses the same issues. HTH
Hi Tash, PLEASE don't think of yourself as out!! In three of our four pregnancies, we didn't get a BFP til day 17 FX for you and all the others in the TWW
My wife and I have been together for seven years. I entered our relationship with three children (14,8,6 at the time). We are raising my kids and now have a daughter (16 months ) together We'd be happy to share info/answer any questions! PS My wife almost did her dissertation (for her PsyD) on lesbian stepfamilies...she may have some research she'd be willing to share with you!
I do want to chime in and say that we used frozen IUI sperm for ICI and got pregnant...and my dear friend also has had FIVE pregnancies- each on the 1st try- using frozen IUI sperm for ICI at home... Hulahoop, best of luck and tons of babydust..it often seems like the "off" cycles are the ones that take. The cycle that DW got pregnant we insemmed on a totally different schedule than the previous 2X and got lucky...hoping the same for you!
Our beautiful daughter (13.5 months) has been diagnosed with sensory integration disorder,feeding delays, cerebral palsy and hypotonia.She may possibly have Binder's Syndrome and/or skeletal dysplasia.
Third try (but 1st with this donor- we switched after 2 BFNs), IVI using frozen IUI sperm at home! We insemmed 2x that cycle, once at surge then 18 hours later. We now have a beautiful baby girl
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