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I really like it. I like the fonts and the colours are nice and light and airy.
I'm not sure what the original post read, but sending positive thoughts your way. I'm sorry that nobody replied to you
So sad I'm sorry for your loss
Is anyone still doing this? Any updates? I wasn't able to do much in the summer, for various reasons, but I am jumping back in at week 4. I just completed w4 d2 today! Just two days ago (on w4d1) I couldn't run for the full 5 min! It is so rewarding/motivating to have such a measure of success!
A daily Maid. I love a clean house, but honestly, if I never had to clean another day in my life to achieve that, I'd be a happy camper!
I've had 3 jettas. I loved them all! We just sold our 1.8T 2001 Jetta for a Routan, because we needed more space. We had it for 11 great years. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one in the future.
Wow! Good for you. That's a great time! This is very inspiring!
Typo sorry! Should read "metropolis"!
Probably a little late replying, but I just wanted to add that I just painted my powder room dark grey (Benjamin Moore Metropols Grey) and I love it! It does have a slight red undertone so perhaps it would work with your flooring also...
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