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Sadly it is different in her state. State insurance won't cover midwives, unless it's a CNM and a hospital birth. The only CNM in her area (3 hour radius) works with her current OB and can't take patients over 35, per the OBs rules.
Wow. I didn't mean for this to cause such an uproar. I am still looking for the information I had read before. I already know my feelings on the screening and test. I've done my research (though most done years ago), I just misplaced the info over the years.
I received medicaid before I was divorced. We hadn't physically separated houses yet (same as you, still on a lease) but we were keeping our finances separate. We were not legally separated. I applied for medicaid and requested an in person appointment. I explained the whole situation and was approved for medicaid for myself and my children. It's worth a try to see if you can be approved.
Many years ago I read several articles about why refusing the glucose screening and GTT were good things to do. I can't remember the exact wording but one of them called into question the real nature of GD and all had very good info on declining the tests. Does anyone remember these or know of recent information and articles?
Thanks everyone! Sorry for the late replies, I have had some personal things come up and hadn't been back here in a while. Anyway...   She can't afford a midwife and there aren't many options in her area anyway. The state she's in is rather restrictive regarding midwives too (though not as bad as some, but still not terribly easy going) and I think she would risk out, even though she'd had perfect pregnancies before. She's also on state insurance so that limits her...
That's absolutely horrible! Yes, breastfeeding is the best for the baby, but being FORCED to breastfeed is a terrible idea. What about women who can't breastfeed? She has to be approved to use bottles? And what happens to the baby while she's being evaluated for lack of breast milk (or other factor)? No, this is just a terrible idea completely.
A close friend of mine is 40 and wants to have another baby. She never had any problems conceiving in the past and in fact was pregnant recently too but miscarried. She says he current OB is not supportive of TTC over 35 at all but she doesn't know how to go about finding someone who is. Does anyone have any suggestions that I can pass along?
Ah sorry. My endo was in southern CO, not near Denver. Good luck!
You are definitely not alone. I have been basically a rollercoaster this entire pregnancy so far. This is his first baby so he's never been close to a pregnant woman before. He's in awe of my moods. Jokes that I'm blaming everything on the baby when I tell him it's my hormones driving me crazy. I laugh and say yep, for as long as I can I will. I'm sorry your SO isn't being more supportive. Sounds kinda jerkish IMO, but a lot of guys just don't understand. Has he read up...
I don't have time to answer all of this, but I wanted to add a few comments.   I do think risk is a spectrum and it's quite unfortunate when state regulations don't allow midwives to regulate themselves. For example, I have a condition that is well handled with safe medication. I've spoken with several midwives in this state and they are all quite comfortable with taking me as a client since the condition is controlled and doesn't actually pose a problem with the...
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