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 Safer for baby, better long term health effects for all, faster recover for me? Sure, of course. Why not? I mean really. I want unmedicated childbirth because I think it's even with section on the first and beats it on the latter two. So if that's what a section did, that's what I would want. I don't tend to think things are better just because they're natural. I think a lot of natural things happen to be better, but natural does not logically imply better to me. Now I'll...
I'm pretty sure I've had a couple of braxton-hicks, but not positive.   They feel like an intense tightening over my belly. Not painful at all, but not exactly comfortable. Better with walking. I'm fairly confident that it's not pre-labor . . . but I'm not entirely confident that they ARE braxton-hicks!
We just had our A/S today! He is perfect in every way and I am so in love.
Another thing is to connect on-line and on the Yearly Meeting level. Which YM are you in? (I'm in New England). Whichever it is, I'm sure they have an annual sessions that meets at least for a few days. For lots of isolated (and not-so-isolated!) friends, that's a HUGE point of connection to the wider Quaker world.    Check out sites like quakerquaker.org. That'll get you tapped into the Quaker blogosphere and there are some forums there, too.    You could think about...
Here I am! I'm hiding behind my phone (on purpose), but I am FINALLY halfway! ....and have a huge bump.   
If you buy a wrap-style coat like a trench you might be able to get away with regular sizes (not maternity) and then you'd be able to wear it after baby, too!   I'm still in my wool-lined trench (I'm in VT, so I understand winters!) and I bet it lasts me the pregnancy. I'm just tying it right under my breasts instead of around the waist. 
Happy birthday @Selissa!    Doing well over here. Having a mid-pregnancy anatomy scan on Monday and am PSYCHED! I will be 21w exactly. 
I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you get all the time, space, and ritual that you need to grieve. 
Heh. My pregnancy hormones are making me sooooo affectionate that pretty much anything he says, I go "awwwwwwwww . . ." I mean it could practically be "Pass the salt, please," and I'd be all 
I think society as a whole likes to judge the (bleep) out of women, period. There's really not a way to win.   Don't have kids --- you're selfish. Do have kids --- you're ruining the planet. Work when your kids are little --- you're a bad mother. Stay at home when your kids are older --- you're a lazy drain on society. Breast feed --- why do you have to be such a martyr? Formula feed --- don't you care what's best for your children? Unmedicated childbirth --- you're...
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