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Spinning off this one, what about when you look at them and say something and they completely ignore you. 
Good idea Missdawn http://www.natureetdecouvertes.com/cadeau-enfant/jeux-jouets-3-6-ans/jeux-apprendre-a-compter-et-lire/mon-premier-calendrier-30140080
I found a beautiful calendar online in French, with the seasons, color of the day, and weather on it, I thought it was wool, went to purchase it, saw that it was polyester, and thy don't ship to the US, so moving on. Anyone know where I can find a Waldorf wool calendar that we can change daily?
Thanks for the welcomes. I'm not super crunchy, but seemed to find that those that are have more in common. What do you do for schools in the area? My son was at a Waldorf school last year, he's in preschool and I'm not finding many options.
My son will be 3 in two weeks, but he spent the last year at Kimbton Waldorf in their preschool. He grew so much, and I truly feel our experiences there made us better parents. But we're moving, too far to commute to any Waldorf school, there isn't even a Montessori school within an hour. I'll be staying home, more than likely for a year, then he'll either go to a public or private school. We're hoping that we'll be able to move by 1st grade closer to a Waldorf school. In...
My son, almost 3, "signed" all of his thank you cards for his birthday party, by coloring pictures on them. I have gotten so many compliments on them from friends. It's so amazing to be supported by your friends.
I've heard some really great things about her. Have you met or talked with Nicole at Sudharma? She's really awesome.
My husband is a set designer, and my best friend of 30+ years is an architect. They have so much in common, but like a pp said my friend is working as a project manager on. Frank Gherry project and has been for the past 6 years. Yeah it's pretty cool, but he misses designing. My husband on the other hand deigns lots of things, constructs them, deconstructs them, paints them, etc. if your son is truly into the creative aspect perhaps have him work in a theater alongside the...
Hello all. My husband, son, dogs and cat are all relocating to Salisbury, MD on the Eastern Shore. We currently live outside of Philly in a pretty crunchy area and I'm very concerned about finding like minded friends as well as doctors after we move. Is anyone here currently a resident in the area? TIA MT
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