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Uggh----I'm out, too! Nine week ultrasound and no heartbeat. Just a quiet little bean. Good luck to all the rest of you for healthy January babies. My husband is staying home from work to make me tea and take care of me. Hope I miscarry naturally----otherwise a D and C. It's a rough business.........
Wow! So many beautiful babies on the way! My name is Danara and I'm expecting my second on January 27th, 2014. I had an amazing son in 2002 who was born with a chromosomal disorder and who died a couple of years ago. He never walked or talked----but was such an angel. I am 41 and remarried and thrilled to conceive again. I'm still in a bit of shock-----and really showing, already! I have my first O.B. appointment on Monday and may later switch to my previous midwife,...
Hi There,     Not sure if I'm doing this right but I want to chime in. I'm due January 27th, 2014 with baby #2. 
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