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Tonight was albondigas soup from Simply Recipes. It was delicious, but I"ll halve the liquid next time-- I don't think it will reheat well for lunch tomorrow (brown green beans don't do it for me, or for my kids). Overall, it was good, budget-friendly, and I enjoyed the combination of herbs. 
Hi. Please help if you can!   I moved from the West Coast to the East coast a few months ago. In Washington, I was fermenting regularly (cabbage, cucumbers, fruit butters, salsa). Now that I've moved I haven't had a single ferment turn out right. Is there a difference in bacteria?   I recently even tried dumping the contents of a capsule of Culturelle into my would-be dilly beans to no avail. I usually skip the whey and just use extra sea salt. Can anyone help with...
Also, I made baked eggs for the first time today. It was so great-- like a pizza dip! I just baked eggs over marinara sauce in a small ramekin, then topped with parmesan. It is pretty soupy, so we dipped buttered toast into it. I think it could be very versatile by changing up the herbs and cheese and maybe even using different breads. 
Our TV hasn't been unpacked from our move. 5 months ago. Looks like we don't miss it much. :)   I made okonomiyaki last night, a favorite comfort food from when I lived in Japan. I make an easy version--my favorite pancake recipe with half the flour, thinly sliced cabbage, a handful of shredded mozzarella, and chopped raw shrimp. I cook it just like a pancake, and top with mayo and BBQ sauce. It sounds awful but it really is delish--even the kids love it. If I could...
I made spring minestrone--stock, mirepoix, chickpeas, tomatoes, frozen artichokes, frozen peas, asparagus, spinach and pesto. Amazing!
I just started using Google calendar to plan meals. I have meals repeat every 2 or 3 months, and if a meal is a stand-out favorite, it repeats more often. I leave a day or 2 each week to try something new, because I love to cook and time in the kitchen is my sole creative outlet right now. But, I'm trying to be more frugal and rein in our food budget, so I also have some structure.    Twice a week I make a one-dish sautee (meats + 2 veggies + sauce) Once a week I serve...
Jumping in here-- we had huevos rancheros. I make mine with corn tortillas and beans. Also made a salad with shredded cabbage, green onions, and pumpkin seeds. Delish and budget-friendly. 
I don't know how often you check this forum, but I hope things have been improving for your little one. Also, I thought of using a so-called Calm Jar as a tool. I use one for DD1 and it has been very helpful in regulating her emotions, and even in slowing down my own reaction time. There are tons of tutorials on Pinterest. 
Hi, I also wanted to add that you can contact his case manager/special education teach to establish a behavior plan component to his IEP. If his behaviors are interferring with his ability to learn and thrive in the classroom, this plan may be of a benefit to him.    I taught Special Education before I had children of my own. Only one of my students required a Behavior Plan, and I remembered how discouraged and defeated his mama was. But you know what, it worked!! He was...
Thank you for your replies. Early on we lowered the dose of her medications on a trial basis to see if the other symptoms were connected, but nothing changed. 
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