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Last night we had vegetarian chili. I've been trying to limit my families gluten intake also, with the ultimate goal of being completely gf eventually. My dh is the resistant one in my house. He loves his cereal in the am. I'm not sure I'll be able to convince him to give it up can you shop trader joes online?
Seems to be a theme here... Making bean and rice and veggie burritos. Its the last night before grocery day so we have lots of odd and ends vegetables that need to be used.
Love this tread! Tonight we had winter veggie soup. turnips, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga and sweet potato with white beans and the last bag of tomato juice from the garden:( it was delish. We also had French bread with it. Tomorrow will be breakfast for supper night since its yoga night... my night to run away!
From what I understand kidney stones don't happen with short term use like For a cold. But i did my research research I did several years ago. Best to read for yourself and follow your gut.
From my understanding the reccomended dose is the minimum that your body needs to keep scabies at bay, not the amount i needs to do other things.
If you are talking about a child, I would divide what you would give yourself according to what they weigh. If you weigh 150 an you would take 10,000, then you would give a 50 lb child 1/3 that dose. Thats what I have done with my daughter. You cant poison her, you just might have to deal with some poop if its too much for her good luck!
I have taken vitamin c as an antihistamine for bad reaction to steri strips after my c section (swollen lips and hives Everywhere! ) and I was taking 8000 mg 3-4x a day. And it worked! I have read that 2000/day is just a maintenance dose, but of yo are trying to fight a cold or heal an ailment you need doses in the tens of thousands. Just to give you an idea of numbers. I have heard the same thing as pp, dose to bowel tolerance.
My 3 year old and 3 month old are vax free. I will say though that my 3 year old received antibiotics for the first week of her life as a precaution after I got a infection before delivery (her labs never showed signs of infection) and she has several food allergies and asthma that is triggered by viruses. I'm convinced that her troubles stem from those damn antibioics. I will regret not being more insistant with that ped foever think.
Mom of 2 (3 months and almost 3 years) in manitowoc here and I'm wondering if there are any naturally minded families out there that are in my town?
Hello! I had an attempted hbac with stacy at oak grove. Despite my home birth not going as planned (totally not a result of anything she or I did, I have a truely narrow pevis) I was very happy with my care. Stacy is a very trusting and naturally minded person and I always felt respected and in control of my own care. She is more hands off which is exactly what i wanted. She was calm even during my transfer and she stayed at the hospital until my son and were in recovery...
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