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My 12 mo old son has suddenly started taking l -2 hour naps twice a day, (before he'd take a 1 hr am nap, and maybe a 15 min snooze in the afternoon, and be down around 10-11p and up at 6 or 7 am...now he's going down at night between 9 & 11, and not getting up till 9 & 10 am.  I'don't knm thinking maybe he's gearing up for a growth spurt, but I don't know; and I'm getting worried.  He has his 12 mo check up in a few days, but I wanted some thoughts.   Thanks!
Cherish even moment of it.
I am so happy for you. I'm so grateful that you haven't had to go through what I did. Hugs
More and more I'm hearing about friends who have kids saying, "ok, this assignment is done" or I'm doing homework with my son..." Is it me or are the PARENTS doing more of the homework lately?  From what I'm hearing with my friends, it sounds like the parents are WAY overinvolved in whatever homework needs to be done at night. When I was little, generally I did the homework.  Mom & Dad weren't involved unless I got stuck - which then they helped me sort out, then sent me...
I am SO happy for you!  I hope all continues well! :)  *HUGS*
It doesn't help that I was only 9 mo pp from my son Nate. So I have a double dose of it! I'm happy things are going well for you.
It has, tho my cycles haven't started yet; I've heard it takes from 3-6 weeks to have your first cycle again.  The hormones are crazy though; I keep randomly feeling like I'm pregnant AGAIN; I finally bought a box of tests and just keep peeing on the stick when I feel like that.  Helps me not feel so crazy.  LOL.   I'm so glad things are going better for you!  How far along are you now? 
I still haven't actually left; I just haven't been reading or posting much.   I wanted to know how things have been going with you.  I'm glad they're going better!  *HUGS*
I have a bunch of prefolds.  I know that I can use them in the pockets, but that's not going to be feasible for my mother in law  (Arthritis). What I'm wondering is is it possible to not use the pocket part at all, and just fold a prefold up into the middle?  I know there's no flap or anything, but would it work?  Has anyone else tried this? If so, how good is it with preventing leaks, ect?
We're using an ergo, a moby, and a ring sling. I've also been using the carriers to get him to sleep- particularly at night, as I have such a hard time getting him to sleep
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