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Anyone find a midwife for a lesser rate? We can't afford 5k and I would hate for the to keep me from a vbac at home with a midwife.
I do not want an OB or hospital birth this time. I would do just about anything to stay away from that this time around. We had a terrible experience with my first. Does anyone know of any midwives in the Orange County area that could be really open to payments or maybe even having some type of medi-cal pay for prenatal care (which I was told they will do) but then I pay for a home birth (since they won't cover home birth only hospital) is that silly?
Wow what an amazing story!! So inspiring. Unfortunately medical dies not cover home births and midwives I have talked to do not accept it anyway.
Ya I am in California. All of the relatives I have live out of state and no one I am close enough with to consider birthing in their home.
And I will be looking in to all of these suggestions. Thank you so much
Wow that is amazing! I love hearing birth stories like this! My biggest fear of it all is that my babies are just too big for me. My son was 9.13 and he really did get stuck. I keep trying to tell myself he was posterior so we will never really know. But I'm very small and petite and he was a big baby with an even bigger head. I have talked to just about every midwife around me (even further) and they are all 5000 and want to be paid by delivery. My SO already works 6 days...
Thank you I have looked in to midwives and talked to them who will do a vbac. I fortunately it will all be 100% out of pocket. Which is impossible for us. Hoping for a miracle. ;-/
My son is 2.5 and I am still not over his birth that I refer to as a trauma. Yes I am so glad we both ended up fine and I got my baby either way and I love him so much. But the birth was so disappointing. Pregnancy was great. I went in to labor at 39.5 days. Contractions started at 4 in the morning and I knew it was labor. They weren't painful at all and were already consistent. Went to the hospital around 12 hours later. I was bored at home and was so anxious to know how...
*update* last week they found that my progesterone levels were a little low so gave me some progesterone to take. Then a couple days later my HCG levels hasn't gone up at all. Today I had an ultrasound and baby does have a heart beat. I cried a little in the techs office. But my OB said the heart rate is only 85 so we still aren't sure if I will miscarry or not. Could he normal if it just started beating and we are hoping it goes up above 120. I have another ultrasound...
I'm sort of feeling down and have so much anxiety. Monday i had my first ultrasound. Baby measured 5 weeks and 6 days with no heart beat. They sent me for blood and my hcg was 11,700 and my progesterone was 14 (on the low side I guess they like it over 18) so they sent me for progesterone to take) took blood again on Wednesday and my hcg was 11,600 (they said it could have been a little lower because it was a different lab) but that's it seems my hcg levels are at a stand...
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