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Hi there! Welcome to MDC. :)   My parents have a home in Cumberland, WI, which is near Rice Lake. We visit there often, so I know a few things about the area. One thing I don't know is the names of any local midwives! I do know a resource for finding some names, though.   May I suggest that your friend pay a visit to the Island City Food Co-op (http://www.islandcityfoodcoop.com/) in Cumberland? Every time I go there, I see or hear something about the local birth...
Hi there-   I haven't actually visited the school, but one of my dear friends was involved in its establishment. I know others who have visited or done student teaching there too. All have glowing things to say about it! :)
Hi there-   Medica covered my homebirth in 2006. I paid not one red cent. I see you've dug up an old thread about that, so I'll spare you the details! Congrats on your pregnancy and good luck with your birth!   :) Christine
Yup. She even says so in her provider profile. :) And our personal experience with Dr. Maier has shown that she too prefers to avoid unnecessary medication. She was also respectful of our desire to delay certain vaccinations.
Hi there-   We go to Fairview Hiawatha clinic in S. Mpls. It's at the corner of E. 38th St. and 42nd Av. S. Our primary care doc for the past 7 years has been Sarah Maier (http://www.fairview.org/Providers/Bio/D_120677). We love her. She is smart, respectful, and very friendly. Occasionally, when Dr. Maier hasn't  been available, we have also seen Lisa Spatz. She too is 10 kinds of awesome. :) Both are family practitioners.   Good luck with your search!
What everybody else said. :) You can't go wrong in this area!   I live in the Diamond Lake neighborhood of S. Mpls. (not far from Annie21 above *waving*). Annie is correct about the airplanes AND the houses. Nearly all of them have gone through a noise abatement process that includes new windows, insulation, and HVAC. Housing quality in this part of Mpls. is excellent.   We live within walking distance of Diamond Lake, Lake Nokomis, and Minnehaha Creek, and the...
  DD was a total clingon. I swear, she would never have napped or stopped crying -- and I never would've gotten anything done -- if I hadn't had a baby carrier. DH and I each had our own Hotsling, and we used them until DD was up to about 1 yr. old. After that we bought a Mei Tai specifically so she could ride on our backs and so we could both use the same carrier. It was challenging the first time I tried putting it on by myself...but only the first time. I got the hang...
Hi there. Sorry for the late reply...I've been off MDC for a couple of weeks. :)   My DD (4 yrs.) currently attends Augsburg Park Montessori School in Richfield (http://www.augsburgpark.com). It's just a few blocks from the border with Bloomington, so I thought it might be worth mentioning to you.   We LOVE it. Love love love it. This is DD's 3rd year, and her big brother attended for 3 years when he was a preschooler. So we've had plenty of time to form an...
So many good responses. Thank you, everybody! I come from a family that said NOT A WORD about sexuality. Nobody left any helpful books lying around either. Let's just say I'm determined to handle this topic differently.
When I checked out the "Stork" book on Amazon, I found this one as well: http://www.amazon.com/Amazing-You-Ge...pr_product_top Looks like this, too, might be good for my younger one. Anyone read it?
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