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I have 5 months old baby.All the times she needs hug.She will cry as soon as I put her in bed.Her father has got back pain during these 5 months.I have heard some counsolers that parents should not let their babies under 6 months cry.They believe it causes babies imagine you do not pay attention to her or him and this lead to acting out when they get older.On the other hand some people says baby will spoil when you hug as soon as cry. I am completely confused .I do not...
I had such problem 3 month ago.It was in a terrible state such that my baby was drinking some blood with milk.I rubbed some organic oil( oil is got from animals like cow) and covered it by a piece of plastic to keep it moist.After couple of hours nipple got better.I hope it works for you!
Hi.I have a 4 month baby and she alway nags and cry while nursing as if she is complaining about me. Besides, she never nurse avidly.Sometime I have to hug and walk while breastfeeding to put her to sleep.Is there any one to have my problem?Can anybody help me?
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