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Sometimes it's hard to figure out the cause. Although the ped might be right it's just colds back to back I know it always makes me feel like I'm doing more by trying to figure out what more could be going on. I think my son has also learned more about taking care of himself too. I hope he gets better soon. It's always less worrisome when their mood is good.
I think you were saying excuse me to the bump. Someone bumps a post if it hasn't received any comments in hopes that it will be seen again and then get comments. At 3 my son had to get wet in his clothes a couple times. A teacher suggested it and I thought it was cruel but he would sit in a wet cloth diaper just to not have to stop whatever he was playing. After a couple times of wet clothes he started using the potty. The thing is you have to decide to commit and be...
Allergies can change with age. Did the ped ask anything about your child's diet? Pets, feather blankets? When my son was little and had a cold it didn't go away until we eliminated dairy. My dad, a very western med doc said that was impossible, but I know it was true. If he had a cold and drank milk the cold stayed, if he laid off for a few days away went the cold. Sounds like the symptoms are being treated but not the cause.
How is everyone? I am definitely at that point where my body doesn't feel like my own and I realize it will be a lllooonnggg time until it does again. 35 weeks tomorrow. I have 2 more weeks of work and the work days can't go fast enough. I have had tailbone pain for 2 weeks so that's starting to wear on me but other than that feel ok. The pain is what makes the work days so hard. It was a little odd to hire my replacement but I'm so focused on baby I'm not too bummed about...
I want milk milk and more milk. Whole milk. I have had more milk in the past few months than the last five years. I have had an aversion to fish the entire pregnancy. I would love more cravings, eating hasn't been that enjoyable since even though I feel super hungry I get full so fast but at the same time still feel hungry. I was lucky, in the second trimester we went to Hawaii and I definitely enjoyed the pineapple. Last pregnancy I went from being a 10 year vegetarian...
My cousin showed me this website and it helped me wrap my brain around car seat features, http://csftl.org .
eBay has used maternity coats.
I work in accounting and use Quicken for our home finances and have for years but find the retirement features less than user friendly.
Mamakins that website is great. It's been a long time since I've done this. I'm hoping to call them and hopefully the have a recommendation on how many of different the different sizes to get, there are a lot of choices. We're also getting a waterproof mattress cover to prevent me or leaky diapers from getting on the mattress. I remember last time being so swollen and not wanting to wear anything at first so I was on chucks pads which are unfortunately partly plastic and...
I had prenatal massage with my first pregnancy and found it to be heaven on earth. Are you having to sit at a desk for work?
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