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They are soooo gorgeous! My little guy eats constantly too. He's such a chunka munka, my only chubby baby. 
Yay! Congrats @journey fan! My little boy, Galen, was born on the 14th of January, weighing 9.3 pounds, perfectly healthy.  He is nearly 8 weeks old & a sweet & tranquil baby. He has been growing incredibly & weighed in at 12.9 pounds on Monday.
Just a quick note to say I am so sorry it's taken me so long. Galen Duncan William was born on the morning of the 14th of January, good c-section with sterilization (no more babies for me...a little sad but ok too), not so great anesthetist (some bad upper back pain because he wouldn't listen or check my files) but still had successful spinal block & healthy 4.240 kilo (9.3 lb) baby boy. I couldn't get to the computer while I was recovering & when we moved house, 2 weeks...
Hi everybody! Well, both grandmothers have been angels, helping to sort, pack & take care of DD. I've been having to keep my feet up & mostly direct things. Had some slightly stronger, a bit painful contractions all day from about 3 am, they seem to  have calmed now (11pm) after falling asleep for a bit. I'm going in early tomorrow morning. Should have a baby by around 8:30 am. Wish me luck!
Congratulations @JustJenny & welcome to your beautiful little princess! So glad you are both doing well & settling in together. 
It's funny how, despite all of the hardships of the last months, the last couple of weeks or so really do feel the hardest. @Neaera  Hugs & good luck for everything! @lilyofjudah so glad things are looking positive for you!    I had my last check up today. It was a struggle, as I'm still in a lot of pain in my back & legs. Baby is estimated to weigh about 3.3 kilo's (about 6lbs 6oz, I think) so far, actually put his head mostly down and looking good to go. He's not...
It is so exciting, seeing these babies start to arrive! I feel like we are cheering eachother in through the finish line of a very long marathon. 
I'm kind of glad I'm not the only one complaining. LOL I lifted my 4 year old on NYE & put my back out severely, so I've been flat out ever since. My timing sucks! My MIL has been a tower of strength, helping to care for DD & keep things running, plus organising help to start getting ready for the move since I now can't do a blasted thing, plus helping me to the toilet a few times a day while hubby is at work. He is currently working 12 hour shifts which is a bit rough on...
Thanks for sharing that, @mcimom . As beautiful as the "perfect birth" stories are, I am really grateful for the ones that aren't all that we hope they would be too. Mine haven't been picture perfect either, I can't actually have epidurals because of the are of my back that has issues, I am pretty much guaranteed to be paralyzed if I did. My first took a week, with very little intervention, my second was 4 days & needed an emergency c-section. This time I have chosen a...
Congratulations to @Kellyshea82 , @mcimom & @opheliajoy! Those are some beautiful babies!
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