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Thanks Shielar
@sage14 thanks a lot for the information n yes I'm interested. I too assign a healthy eater. Yesterday was my ultrasound and everything was fine and good. Also, i heard for the first time my baby's heartbeat. I was very excited because this is my first baby and all i want is a healthy baby.
Hello i am expecting to be a new mother in January and have high blood pressure. My meds before i became pregnant were hctz/lisnopril but i discontinued the meds because of the instructions on the medicine description told me to do so. My pcp called in atenolol 50mg which is a lot of mg i think to much to prescribe someone whom you have no seen and is pregnant. Today was my first appointment and the OB had no idea what the meds were that i was on for the bp, but he wanted...
I am 11 weeks pregnant and my pcp didn't see me and had to change my blood pressure medicine. He called the meds in and didn't see me. The medication is atenolol 50mg. I didn't take it right away, but today i visited my ob for my first appointment and i forgot the medication home and he just told me to take the meds without knowing what the meds were. I was on hctz/lisnopril but stop taking it after discovering i was preggo. After taking the atenolol I've experienced navel...
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