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Ok:) I'll let you know
I think suse's coat looks more like men's coat:( i'd like to buy something more cute and feminine
Fleece is not warm enough for me:( I want something more like down coat
Also they have lots of styles and colors for all types of wheather(winter and spring/fall)
I have Oscha starry night 50% linen. I think it is my favorite wrap now. Its great and very supportive for toddlers. And would be great for newborn if you are experienced wrapper because it is quite thin
I was looking for winter babywearing coat for myself, and was surprised when I didn't find one. All that I have found is an M Coat from Canada for like $400. Would you be interested in russian babywearing coat? I'm thinking about opening a small online store of babywearing coats and nursing clothing from Russia for reasonable price
Hello! I'm a mom of 8 month old little boy. We just moved to central new york and i'd like to make some new friends here. I'm originally from russia, but now I live in Oneonta NY Interested in natural parenting, babywearing, extended breastfeeding, co-sleeping Also I'm trying to find vaccine friendly pediatrician/naturopath or someone in my area. No luck yet:( i will be very thankful for any suggestions
I'm looking for someone who interested in attachment parenting,babywearing, breastfeeding,co-sleeping.. I have 8 month old boy and would like to make new friends with similar interests:) I live in Oneonta NY
Hello! I'm looking for a vaccine friendly pediatrician/ homeopath/ naturopath (someone!!) in Oneonta, NY area I will appreciate any help or advice. Thank you!
Hello! Did you find someone? I'm looking for one too right now
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