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Hell I'm exhausted and I get an 8 hour break five days a week so I hear ya. It's the fact that she's always complaining about how tired she feels every morning. She also has a bum knee and refuses to see a doctor or physical therapist about it. She takes aleve everyday and I noticed our bottle was almost empty and I haven't taken it in years. She says her leg is really stiff in the morning and needs time to loosen up. I just worry that she can't keep up with my...
So here's my story.  I finished grad school this winter after giving birth to my daughter the previous spring.  We hired a nanny to take care of her from age 5 months.  I had to finish an internship and classes in order to graduate.  I have been on a break since March and we kept our full-time nanny on because I am planning on returning to the working world in August.  When we hired our nanny I was practicing AP but I didn't specifically look for an AP friendly nanny....
I will check out that book.  I didn't like the one for infants.
She has been waking up around 8 am now since she's going to bed at 10 pm.
Thanks for the reply Zirconia!  She has been walking for a couple of months.  She's probably teething since her molars have not erupted yet.  Unfortunately an earlier bedtime routine is not a possibility since my husband doesn't even get home from work until 6 pm.  She gets a ton of exercise by going to parks or swimming every day.  It's nice to know there are other families that had to deal with night owl behavior for a couple of months.  
I have a beautiful almost 15 month old daughter who isn't tired until 9:30 pm on average.  She had a consistent bedtime before 8 months old but since that regression she has been all over the place.  She went to bed at 10:30 pm last night.  She isn't acting overtired (cranky, crying at the drop of a hat, etc.).  I think it's developmental but I want to make sure she's getting enough sleep.  She has never been a good sleeper.  She is with a nanny during the week and she...
New Posts  All Forums: