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Maybe a three then
So i made an Osnaburg rebozo with different threaded rails for my uncles new baby and his girlfriend decided that she didn't like it and sent it back without using it, So i really would prefer not to ship it very far, so free for pick up or for cost of shipping. It's undyed with one rail sewn with red thread and the other sewn with black thread. 
It's Alabama Depending on exactly where you live  you are most likely going to be sweltering hot a good portion of the time there I'd suggest the shorter one and i'd suggest looking up more carries that can be done with a shorter wrap. Kokadi's are slightly more expensive GSW but the humidity will mean you'll need a shorter wrap if you don't want to roast.
try putting it into a slip knot rebozo for a front carry get it tight enough  then pick him up a little 2 inches or so and scoot over.
I had a lady say she loved using a carrier but she couldn't for long with her bjorn because it hurt you can mention that there are carriers that are better for your back and better for the baby's comfort without all that plastic. She ended up getting a meitai
his speckling looks like a blue tick heeler.
Cyst's can apparently cause cramps and pain and cause missed cycles have you been prone to them.
you and your husband can try each having a child on your side of the bed between you and the edge i grew up in a roomsharing family the three of us kids from the time we hit the year mark shared a bedroom instead of being in mom and dad's room but usually it was one in the middle one by the wall and depending on space one at the foot of the bed if a storm happened and scared us out of our room I'm sorry i have no advice until they are older.
If she's feeding during a growth spurt the more constant nursing could change your hormone levels but a pregnancy test is a good bet to eliminate possible causes
Kids move a lot more than adults in their sleep you tried the matress on the floor by yours trick?
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