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Porter arrived in our arms 2/17 after 24 hrs of natural labor, then 22 hrs of much needed interventions of fentanyl, 4 epidurals (thanks to my scoliosis, 2 didn't work, 1 numbed only the right side, and 1 finally got in the right spot), max dose of pitocin running with baby not decending, and me accepting I didn't have the energy anymore and opting for a c-section.  He was sunnyside up and my cervix wouldn't get out of the way enough for his head to descend.  Grateful for...
I'm hoping our baby comes on or after his due date - on Saturday I injured my back (doing something stupid, of course) and started having such severe muscle spasms that I couldn't move without help.  DH had to leave work to take care of me, I was crying and writhing in pain.  I needed him around the clock for 3 nights, we hardly slept.  The in-laws came to help us, I felt awful having them see me in such a terrible state.  After an office visit I'm on some muscle relaxers...
I'd rather live without a car - at least I'd have a bike and friends with cars!   Would you rather be able to read people's minds or become invisible?
H - hope!  I'm hoping for the best birth experience possible for all of of us :)
Nothing for me yet, but I'm due 2/21.  Yesterday was when things started to get more uncomfortable for me, baby's head is definitely lower in my pelvis. I have persistent lower abdominal pain whenever I take a step, plus I already have a pulled muscle in my left groin from narrowly avoiding a fall thanks to a pack of dogs.  It's reassuring to feel my body getting ready, but scary too because we still don't have things organized in the nursery.
@teamsalem I did get them, don't know where they are made, don't recall seeing a tag on them.  If I find a tag I'll let you know what I see.
@gamitzer we have the same "to do" list!  I'm just finishing my last load of laundry as we speak, most of the taxes are done.  Just ordering the last batch of must-have items from my registry. 
I'm getting progressively more uncomfortable by the day it seems (37 weeks tomorrow!), but nothing too bad.  I just want to steal handicap spaces and have a personal assistant pick up all the things my clumsy hands drop.  Slightly more mentally ready,  but not by much.  Meeting with our doula again on Sunday to go over a few last minute items.  We've got all the baby basics we need, I started slacking off big time on exercises and stretching a while back.  I was hoping to...
I just bought 2 of these on Amazon (I found them for $9.99 for 2 chux) - I put one under our bedsheets for that "just in case" and 1 can go in the car or in the nursery.  I used these when I worked in home care and they're great.  
1st pregnancy, 35 lbs ALL baby and nowhere else (and I was really hoping to finally get a butt!).
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