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Thank you! That was very helpful. I generally avoid synthetics on my baby,so wool seems like an obvious choice. I was actually kind of afraid to try it at first, but after many nighttime leaks I decided to take the leap. I love it! So soft and leakproof! I think I may try the prefolds and wool during the day. He does tend to poop out of the prefolds about every day. (He usually only poops once a day, so when he does it's A LOT.) The wool diapers I have for overnight right...
I was just introduced to wool for nighttime use and am in love! I would love to start using wool full-time, but have a few questions. First off, I only use prefolds. Does anyone else use prefolds and wool during the day? What if poop gets out? Do you have any bulletproof folds for keeping EBF/runny poop in? Also, if you use wool during the day, how many wool covers do you have in your stash? Do you need to alternate between two diapers during the day so one can air out...
I didn't know you could eat the seeds :)
Thanks everyone! I think I just need a little confidence and I'll be okay. I had latch problems, mastitis and all kinds of issues with my daughter. If I made it through the first months with her, I surely will be able to do it again :)
CJ's butter from nickis diapers. I haven't used it yet (my baby's still on the way) but my friends swear by it :)
I was just wondering if anyone else had a big difference in between children and how breastfeeding went with the next child. I exclusively bf my daughter, and she was weaned at about 1 1/2.  However, my nurse keeps advising that I should take breastfeeding classes since I haven't breastfed in like four years. I personally think it's probably like riding a bike and I won't forget how to do it. :)  Just wondering if anyone had trouble, or if it is in fact like riding a bike....
I got a whole bunch of second hand bumgenius and flips and ended up bleaching them as well. They turned out fine. The BumGenius website actually recommends that you bleach their diapers once  a month, so it can't be quite as bad as people say it is for diapers.
I leaked for years after my daughter was weaned. Strangely, the only thing that stopped it was getting pregnant the second time. 
I had an elective with my first child due to health problems. My milk came in just fine. I have also heard the horror stories, but mine was fine. No matter how your child comes out, your body knows to make milk. Not to mention there is colostrum there before birth anyway. Just make sure to feed on demand and often and you will be great :)
Awesome. Thanks everyone. It was incredibly generous. There were over 40 diapers total. I have pretty amazing neighbors :)
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