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Hi Mamas! As of Monday we plan to turn off the TV for a week, as a TV free trial. I would like it to continue past the week point. However, for my eight year old, a week is understandable and reachable. We would like to go media free as DS has very SID/maybe mild aspie and gets overstimulated very easily. This inturn effect his behavior and outlook on life. Transitions are really hard around here. My question is that in a case like this, do you sugges we cut ALL media on ...
Background: DS is newly eight. DX: ADD, SID and possible Aspie. He was adopted at birth. The issue: DS doesn't seem to think that the rules apply to him. He doesn't think that he needs to listen to me or that rules apply to him. When I ask him to do something he refuses and when I follow through with a punishment for not listening he hits, screams, kicks, bites, etc. At eight he is 5'3 and 170 lbs. It hurts emotionally and physically when he acts out. His grades in...
I LOVED reading Color of Water! We try to pick books that we know others will enjoy (it normally works and we are a VERY diverse group!). Unwind Hunger Games (both YA and suggested by a member who works in a HS library). Like Water for Chocolate The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (we needed fluff last December). Old Friends and New Fancies (J Austen fluff) A bit of Jane Ausen 3 Cups of Tea Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons (up soon, I hope!)
Hi Mamas! I am really thinking about pulling DS from his wonderful Catholic school. (The school is great-he's just not a good fit). We know that he has SID and would guess that he is an aspie (waiting on apt in March). Anyway, he is really having issues b/c of school (holding it together all day and then melting in the PM, tummy and headaches, not sleeping, stressing etc) that are making our time together pretty ick! I'm thinking about using the Virtual school via K12,...
Any Mamas in Austin? I might have a job "bite" there. What is the community like? Schools? For non-traditional schools? Thanks!
DS who is in second grade has SID as well as being somewhere on the Autism spectrum (guessing Aspie). We might look at moving to the twin cities area in the next year. Thanks for the info!
Hi Mamas! What can you tell me about schools in the Twin cities area and their response to kids with SID or AD? What about private schools? What areas of the Twin cities would you rec. to a multi-cultural, adoptive, queer family? Thanks!
Thank you Mamas for taking the time to reply. One week later things are much better. I am thankful to still have my friend. I don't want his saying "no" to be the end of a very long and special friendship. I still don't know how or when I will move forward. I had been thinking about asking this friend for about 15 years. That also means 15 years off and on of dreaming about "this" baby. I'm not sure that I'll go forward with a known donor again at this time. I'm not...
simcon-thanks! i know that things do work out for the best. I'm really glad that KD (or not!), we still have our friendship. It just stinks for the moment
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