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Siuann, I hope it all turns out well, I'm sure all of this makes the TWW that much worse.    Rosie, it does suck, I'm sorry for your loss. If you ever want to chat PM me.   Jen, thanks I will check it out.   AFM I just hope my cycle comes back soon, I'm a student and I was really hoping for a summer baby.
 Hi ladies, unfortunately I'm back here. I started spotting yesterday and went in today and found out I'm having a miscarriage. So I suppose I'm waiting to O again. 
I am also sad to announce that I'm having a miscarriage. I hope you all have great pregnancies and babies. 
Jenjy, congrats!!! What is your due date?
 I can understand your reluctance on the announcement! I'm not expecting the most positive response from some of the family but I'm hoping everyone will come around or at least keep their mouths shut. I'm planning on waiting until thanksgiving to tell our family via FaceTime! Then I'll probably post a photo of the ultrasound on Facebook when we know the gender, if I can stand to wait that long! 
PhoebeMom and Dandy I cried when the national parks opened too! That should have been my first sign I was really pregnant! So far I have just been slightly emotional and have been craving yogurt parfaits. My bodies way of telling me I need more calcium! 
I had a SCH around 7 weeks that was so large that it blocked 40% of the placenta. I was on bedrest for about 2 weeks, I did have severe bleeding and cramping. It stayed the same size and then the placenta outgrew it. It was a very scary time but, I delivered a healthy baby girl at 42 weeks! 
Name you want to be called: Anita Area of location you live: San Jose How many children you have already, if any: 1 DD 6 years old Estimated expectancy date: 6/22/14  Hobbies: Yoga and reading Anything else you like to share: I am so excited to finally be in a due date club! We have been trying for about 4 months but waiting to be ready for #2 for years! 
I agree, I have almost always seen false positives and evap lines on the blue dye tests!  I hope everything works out for you! I know with my first pregnancy I was in a labor intensive job (I got hired at 3 months without telling them I was pregnant) around 6-7 months they moved me to a position where I could sit down and take more breaks. I know in California they are required to make accommodations!  Any more news?! AFM, It's offical I'm pregnant! I got my last beta test...
So I'm not sure what to make of these results. I'm glad the number is increasing; I just wish it would do it a little quicker!    Beta Test Monday 1pm: 14 Beta Test Wednesday 5pm: 29 Beta Test Friday (Today) 11am: 56
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