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Hello!  My 7 month old bumped her head, and it reminded me that I should find a safe arnica bruise/bump cream for babies.  Any products you would recommend?  Hylands arnica has parabens in it, so that is out.  Is an adult arnica cream safe for babies or too strong?
Hello!  My baby girl was a homebirth here in Santa Fe with Tanja Bolle.  I highly recommend her, she was fantastic to work with.  She also brought another midwife, Mariah, to the actual birth to help/assist her, which was a big plus to me.    A friend recently used Seva for her midwife, but her baby was premature so she ended up giving birth at the hospital.   All of the midwives in the Santa Fe area charge the same amount, 3500.   I checked into the...
I am a first time mom of a now 5 month old baby girl, (5 months already, my goodness)!  We cloth diaper, babyweaar, co-sleep part-time, breastfeed, and will soonish (month or so) start making our own baby food.  I am hoping to find and share some info about all of these topics, as well as anything else that may come up as this is all new to me!  I was a studio jeweler pre-baby and hope to get back to work soon, in the meantime I have taken up sewing to keep my hands...
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