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 i find it odd, that throughout your responses, you repeatedly put the onus of this boy's misbehavior on the OP's son. at such an young age, not many kids gets involved in others' fights on the bus. if he would punch back after such provocation, instead of the instigator, he gets into trouble. that's rich! what do you have to say about the kid who hits him? he gets a free pass while the OP's son has to "change SOMETHING"?
 i take it that you don't have kids with allergies. i think school parties now have a much greater emphasis on allergy free foods as compared to a decade or two ago- and that should lead people to question just what it is that is causing these changes. i hear the word 'occasional' with regards to junk food but a typical diet these days is far from healthy even on a daily basis. the greater numbers of children with allergies points to a link between diet, environment and...
 particularly when they are so young. aligning with someone also means alienating others. at this age where peer acceptance is such a pressure, it takes a special kind of person to buck the trend, even if anonymously. hopefully the grown ups will get this sorted out for the boy. oftentimes, bullying is not taken seriously and nipped in the bud by those that have the authority and power to do so.
 isn't it a fascinating insight into human nature how we silently align ourselves with the wrong doers (i use the term 'we' in a general sense, so please don't take this personally) tacitly by doing nothing. nothing will change if nothing changes. OP, hats off to your girl for doing the right thing. and to the school for taking corrective and immediate steps to resolve this.  i hope it works out well for the child being targeted.
 your question is not clear. are you asking about the cultural evolution of addressing parents by a particular endearment term? mine know both parents' first names (and last, too) and they know they are to use it when it is appropriate to do so. they do not get my attention by being rude.
i find it odd, impersonal and disrespectful to call parents by their first names! every culture on earth has a endearment term to address their parents, there must be a solid reason for it to have evolved so.
I support uniforms for p.schools, not only for the students but for everyone who is part of that campus. This also makes sense from a security standpoint whereby outsiders can easily stand-out.   Are high school girls really wearing skimpy clothes for comfort? I am just disappointed that it's 2013 and young girls still think that such displays add worth to their sense of self.  By the same token, I find cheerleading to be a demeaning thing for young girls to do. Play the...
My boy has some cavities on his molars that were seen on x-rays done for another procedure. The dentist recommended a new procedure called resin infiltration (DMG Icon) that involves NO drilling. Just an etching of the affected surfaces and filling them with this special resin. I looked online to see what is used in this resin. It has dimethacrylate which has some toxicity concerns, but then I have not found any filling material that is risk free. Glass ionomer releases...
  this is such a great post, EnviroBecca!
  on the contrary, i feel verbal abuse is even more insidious because it can be subtle, hard for the child to pinpoint when he/she needs help. i was getting at those situations where extremely sensitive kids perceive regular teasing as being a bigger issue than it is.   i talked about suspension, too. not booting a child out of the community. after all this is also a child, there is so much room to work on than abandon! how effective is the suspension system- do you feel...
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