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We have just implemented a system, that is a bit in flux, but works like this (and we were very anxious about this- as we didn't want to tie chores to money either, but ended up doing so in a partial fashion).   Each child gets $.50 per year of age put into a mason jar on the shelf at the beginning of the week.  Each is responsible for daily items (dressed & bed made each morning, laundry put away, room floor kept clear, packing lunch for school, etc.)  For every...
My kids school is private, with no hot lunch option. They will heat up a lunch for the children 6 and under (primary program in M school). Processed foods are highly discouraged, lunchables, goldfish and any boxed drinks are forbidden, as are cookies/candies, etc. Children are given the option of water or whole organic milk for lunch. I have sent kefir probiotic drinks, and not gotten introuble. Normally, we'll send 1 piece of cheese (ranges from really nice cheese,...
My son is younger than yours - and not in an immersion program - just exposed to 2 languages. But, we've so far seen regression whenever he learns something new in the other (less spoken) language. Which is consistent with what these other posts are saying and with what I've read on 2nd language learners, etc.
I have Kaiser and use the Gwinnett facility. I'm fine with them for my OB care - I see the midwives and deliver at Emory Eastside. I do what I want and ignore anything they do/say that I don't agree with. They seem fine with that approach - but I'm not the type who cares if they disagree with me. For peds, it is another story. They annoy the hell out of me most of the time. So for a while I was driving all the way over to Dr. Kute - who does accept Kaiser. But...
My son has been singing this song all week - now I know why! :-)
So crocs are forbidden this year for us as well (inside and outside). I got a pair of van-type sneakers for my son (practice lacing) and a cute velcro close sparkly shoe for my pink obsessed dd.
Our school has only one option: half-days for under 5, and full days (8-3) for 5 and up. So we do 5 half days for my younger and 5 full days for my older.
Only the afternoon children go on field trips at our school, so I don't have personal experience with these (just entering 3rd year), but I know last year they went to: local aquarium local dairy farm puppetry center
Glad to hear it is going well. Nosy enough to want to know where you enrolled! LOL The lack of communication seems to be a common parent concern - but I'm now in my 3rd year and while it still irks me, the teachers are great and my children love the environment, so I deal with it.
We use crocs for indoor shoes - but I don't like them for outside.
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