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I agree that Aug 9 seems incredibly early to return to school....but I think I am smiling secretly about it.  I believe the last day of school was May14 or around then.  Also seems early.  Where I went to school it was in mid June and we started after labor day.   And yeah, they are hustlers lol  At my Christmas party at work they did some sort of bar trick and ended up with almost $100 a piece.  I told people to next year, leave their wallets at home lol
I had planned a hospital birth with #1, didn't know how to find a mw.  I hated my evil dr and ended up having him unassisted.  The next 4 were all attended at home by a midwife.  If all is well this one will also be attended at home with a mw.  Unless she doesn't make it in time, then I'll be thankful that quick births have (generally) less complications. 
We all look Awesome!!!!
It certainly seemed like a very extreme situation to me. By far the most physically extreme thing I've ever gone through. I asked them at the ER how much blood I could lose and stay alive, his response was, "You'd be surprised".  With that kind of flip attitude and lack of responsible answer it's no small wonder that I have so little faith in the medical system.     But the power of the human body is Amazing.
August is starting hot and sweaty, pretty typical for the dirty south.  Oddly, my kids return to school this coming Friday...I grew up mostly in Cali and we started after labor day, so this just seems super early. My youngest dd's (8 and 10) had a lemonade stand today, great day for it since it was wicked hot, and made almost $100.  They are on cloud nine right now and planning on doing the same tomorrow.  They also sold little snacks and fruit punch lol little...
Tspencer,  I certainly see you looking preg, not overweight.  And I love the photo bomb, little kids are awesome for that lol.  Jellopanda, you're so tiny that any bump is going to be super obvious and adorable.   Glad I didn't end up alone on this thread.  It'll be fun to see all the bellies get huge.
This is my 14 week pic.  Feeling like my belly is really starting to get much bigger but still more chunky than preggers.
I'm 14 weeks today with baby #6. Pattimomma, I have the same concern with my uterus.  It seems to be sitting very very high, just under my belly button.  And it felt, just heavier, early.  I'm hoping that just because it is so well used it is higher earlier?  I don't usually have u/s but am planning one to rule out twins in around 2 weeks, just to put my mind at ease. I had a m/c and a sub/chorionic hemorrhage which ended in an abortion 6 years ago and was very...
I'm Amelie.  Mom to 5 and expecting #6 in Jan...nice to see some of the other jan. moms on here too.  My kids are 16, 14, 13, 10 and 8.  The oldest being the only boy...poor guy.  They keep me busy.  I have both homeschooled and public schooled and leave it up to them mostly which they prefer to do.  I homeschooled 2 all last year, 2 more for 1/2 the year and the other attended public school though the year before she was the only one that homeschooled.  The public...
This is at 13 weeks.  The start of a little bump maybe???  I take my pics on thurs before I go to work because that is when I flip my week, so I'll probably post my new one tomorrow morning when I get home.  Hopefully I won't be alone on this thread by then. ;) I think it will be fun to see us all grow, at the same time all across the world.  It's pretty cool.
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