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Some midwives just feel more comfortable inducing at 38-39 weeks, period, than letting a pregnancy go past that point. In that case, they will usually find *some* reason to suggest it. (I have had different midwives have radically different takes on my pregnancy issues, even within the same practice and pregnancy. ) This may or may not be the case with yours, but if they are less than supportive of your natural birth plan, induction is a fairly good way to put you on a...
Ow! Yes that makes no sense when they are being so invasive otherwise! With my first I was leaking and the nurse just sort of 'swabbed'? with the litmus paper to determine if it was amniotic fluid, no speculum. No vag exams at all until I was ready to push since the bag was leaking. With my second, I leaked for a few days before going into labor, and still had AROM just before pushing.
I've tried putting the iron on patches on preventatively, but after a few washes the outline of them is visible on all but the thickest jeans. Ok for play pants but doesnt look right for going out. And eventually the pants tear around the patches. Wish I had a solution too.
Hugs to you, that sounds awful! I just want to add that birth is such a personal and powerful experience, I think our culture really underestimates how painful it can be to have it as medicalized as it often becomes, even in situations where that may be the best decision. I've struggled with some similar feelings and although they were made much worse by postpartum depression, at the same time, it's ok to grieve the loss of control. That said, you are suffering with...
If baby's healthy you should be able to have him stay with you at all times. I would insist on that. You can also decline the bath altogether, as delaying it a few days has some benefits.
I don't do Facebook, (can't stand it!!) and have no problem navigating mdc on my phone, but I don't check in much either since there's not much activity in this ddc. Still here though
I get them only when I'm pregnant too, but sorry, no clue why. For me what prevents them is filing toenails straight across instead of cutting them, not too short, and keeping the skin around well moisturized.
It is a weird experience to not fit into any of your favorite clothes, especially if its your first baby. I just label and pack them away though. I gained tons but still fit back into everything after every pregnancy. It did take almost a year though, (for me, dieting compromised my supply so I just accepted the weight), so it's nice to be kind to yourself and buy or borrow a couple of cute pieces in your postpartum size so you dont have to wear your maternity stuff until...
My kids absolutely could smell me too....no matter what time or how silently I entered the room, they would go from deep sleep to rooting and crying!Past the early months, we both slept better apart as well. I agree on taking each baby's lead to see how they sleep best.
32 oz of orange juice at once is a ton of juice OJ is the one thing that will skyrocket my sugars into diabetic range....love it but would never consume it while pregnant. It's really about how you are reacting to what you actually eat. With your diet, it sems like you'd be better off testing after your biggest dark chocolate indulgence! I'm not sure about the fasting blood test counting since it's not post-prandial...even if my fasting is fine my sugars can still spike...
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