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Thank you everyone for your responses, you definetally gave me a lot more to think about and a lot of questions to ask!
Spring is coming and not only do I have a pool but we have a lake in our backyard as well. My son will be 1 this month and I've been looking into swim classes, it seems there are basically two different types; infant swim rescue classes and then mommy and me swim lessons. I'm hoping some mommies on here have suggestions or advice on their experiences. I've heard ISR can be a bit traumatic for mommy to watch but is great. Then I've heard mommy and me is good too... My only...
Hello all! I'm currently living I'm Florida and going home to Arizona fora. Visit in 3 weeks, I will be flying with my lo who will be 8 months old then.. Has anyone else traveled with a baby? Any tips or dos and donts? Must haves etc? Any advice and or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Love to all
Thank you everyone for your help I'm going to relay all of this to him when the time is right again, and any other information would be greatly appreciated!
He might behe might be open to reading anything as long as I present I in the right way, can I just google this? Or is it a book I should get? Thank you for your help! I hope to give him a wealth of information and hope that he doesn't just find facts to argue so he can be "right" but hear all of the info and base his decision off of that.
Ok so I have been pretty against most vaccines and have not had my child vaccinated this far... He is 6 months old and was in the nicu for 20 days following 2 surgeries after birth so I am a little skeptical into putting anything unnecessary in his little system... I trust the medical community with alot, just not so sure on vaccines... So far the ones he was "due" for I have declined as I have done some reading and don't find they are needed. Now my DH has always kind of...
Omg thank you I had no idea about any of this... As far as scar mobilization massage goes does this mean I just massage the area w my fingers?
Ok so I'm new to this site so I'm sorry if there is already a post about this but I had my first child in February via emergency c section. I did gain a lot of weight during my pregnancy, (135lbs pre pregnancy and 199 lbs at birth) I'm 5 months post partum have only lost 14 pounds but I think the worst of it all is this weird flap I have in the front of my belly. It's loose skin that hangs I read about wraps a month ago and had no idea about them, then realized I was...
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