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I have been googling like mad but I cannot find one single place that lists vaccine dosage along with immunity duration for the old school vaccines. I did find separate sites that lists certain vaccines with some info but I am not sure how accurate they are. If anyone can point me to a link that would be great.
Pers, lemme check the "immunity" duration for the vaccine schedule you have listed and if there are any contrary facts I wil list them here later. The only thing I can think of right off the bat is this - Why are boosters needed if certain vaxes give lifetime immunity after one shot?
I agree with above poster. There will be times when it doesnt matter what you do..they will keep crying. I do not lie here when I say..there have been moments where ive had less than AP thoughts. We are human and sometimes we reach the end of our ropes for that particular situation. Go calm yourself down and come back with better composure. I do think that even infants can feel negative energy and that in itself would not help with the situation at hand.
Perhaps. I am more than willing to admit wordings online can get mistrued , resulting in misunderstandings and so forth. Perhaps I am being oversensitive but I do feel that all this leads to questioning parental rights to a certain extent. Line is defintely blurry and it is with hopes that these discussions/debates bring some knowledge to these issues.
Actually some are when they bring up the herd immunity theory and how my daughter is a danger to society.
You have to have the RIGHT to choose which risks you take in life. I just do not understand why some of you do not understand this fundamental human right. I support and respect your right to get vaccines. Why can't I get the same respect back for refusal? Will you live my life for me? My child's life? If something goes wrong, will you accept some liability? If the answer is no, then respect my right to refusal.
I took the liberties of bolding the statements that I respectfully disagree and agree with you.It's the "rarity" thing that divides us. For you, it is acceptable. For me it's not. It's as simple as that. Science tells us there are injuries. For you, you are okay with the stats from the officials whether it's the CDC or WHO..or whatever. I am not okay with not even one. The whole purpose was to PREVENT death. But it may CAUSE death. Whether it's one or thousand matters not...
If you're child was one of the rare cases of death from rotavirus, would still stand by yours?    I did not see this til now, so I will answer it now. You did not quite answer but perhaps you are not comfortable with it. From what I know today and of this very moment? Yes I would. Would my answer change in the future? Possibly.   Let me clarify some things here first: I am not ANTI vax, just a person who believes that I get to decide what I choose to do with my own...
I really think most people fail to recognize that this is a human rights issue. When INVOLUNTARY sacrifices are made from lack of informed consent, it is in violation of basic human rights. I will never try to block willing individuals from getting vaccinated  because that is their RIGHT and their CHOICE if they choose to do so under informed consent. I am demanding for the same right to refuse those very same shots. By the way, guilt trips (especially ones with dubious...
There are lot of assumptions you make but lets say you are correct for the sake of the argument. Dont you think every parents has the right to know from their doc in form of, "One out of 100 babies will have an irreparable injury but 99 babies will be fine. You may or may not be that unlucky 1%. May I vax your child now?" If that parent says okay then by all means. They KNOW what may or may not happen. It seems most docs do not make it a habit of this now do they? It...
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