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Thank you! Yes, I am so happy we followed our hearts and our guts and had a natural birth as planned. :) He is perfect in everyway and I will never regret making that decision to push past the doctors "orders" and follow our hearts!   my cootchie has some healing to do though. lol Ya 2-10cm in 5 minutes...let me just say....PAINFUL! lol ...but again! worth it 100000%
As requested...here is my VERY interesting birth story! lol   My due date was April 15th 2014, but this little man had other plans!   Walking through walmart with DH, getting stuff for our new apartment we just moved into that day and suddenly my water breaks! (March 20th 8:00pm). Hubby turns into a nascar driver and we race trying to find a hospital...since we JUST moved to a new area that very day. We found one close by and got checked in.   ....keep in mind...I...
What is the facebook link? I must have missed out on this a while ago :(
I am sorry if there is a thread already about this...I must have missed it.   Our son was born last week at 36 weeks and we have known since we became pregnant that we were not going to vaccinate.   Who else is not vaccinating? Do you have kids already that are not vaccinated? This is my third, but my other 2 kids were vaccinated because I was young and just did what the doctors told me to do....   ALL stories, info, help on this topic would be amazing! and...
Coconut Oil!!!! I am a HUGE fan of all the benefits of coconut oil, and increased milk supply is one of them! Try drinking a tablespoon of it in a smoothie every morning :)
AYDEN ORION! Born at 36 weeks on March 21st, weighing 5lbs 4oz!  
My other 2 kids were just naturally early. They were both fully developed and had no complications at all....in fact I even left the hospital earlier than the typical 24 hour stay... My other huge concern with this shot is that it can induce pancreatitis. Well I ALREADY have pancreatitis. Im so nervous to take something that could potentially put me in the hospital agaian. And since neither of my first 2 births had complications. ..I feel this isnt even necessary.
So I am VERY against vaccines... I just got back from my 31 weeks appointment and my doctor wants to give me a shot of Betamethasone to make sure the babys lungs are developed in time for birth...she expects him early, as my other 2 kids were a month early.   What are the side effects of this on me and on the baby? I am HATING this idea, but my husband is pissed at me that I am not going along with it and my doctor thinks it is for the best.... PLEASE HELP
Oh wow! That is a lot! Thank you for sharing :) Makes me feel better, not to worry!
I just had an appointment yesterday (22 weeks) and she said it was normal. it made me so nervous though....Im having several a day. Im glad it is nothing to worry about. My doctor said that because the baby is so active (he never stops moving) that is going to cause more contractions.
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