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Cute cloud, it must be a real hit to be snatched away so quickly :)  The "top" of the quilt (piecing, I think they call that?) went pretty quickly. Cutting out the fabric was the most work, so I made sure to stack a few layers of cloth so that it didn't take as long. If I were to make it again, maybe a little smaller would be better, I spent a lot of time putting the back together and then making/sewing the binding. Thanks :)
Thanks Aidenn :) We don't know the gender of our baby, so even if it's a boy we will plop that Aviatrix hat on it, so I say go for it if you wanna knit it (unless you are keen to add a big flower too, which can be cute, but potentially less boyish)    Since we're in Colorado, it will probably be cooler than your Florida, but since this is our first baby I think I still have to figure out how much bundling is really necessary. And maybe I'll follow your lead on the...
Wow, brilliant crafters! I am very inspired to try and knit a "puerperium" sweater now (think it will be mega huge if I just switch to worsted wool?) I also love all the tie dyes I see! And those embroidered onesies. So clever, all of you!   I have made 3 things so far: an aviatrix hat:     A quilt (the modern drunkard) which is pretty gigantic actually, hopefully the baby will like it when he/she is 5 or so.     And lastly, I really wanted some...
Hello! I'm pregnant with our first, due on September 15. We're going to be surprised by the gender, and if it's a boy, we'll be surprised by the name too, since we can't agree upon one. Beginning to feel like this is actually happening :)
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