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I'm not a nursing mama but I know decreasing supply is common during pregnancy. I hope it gets better!
Small slice of cheese with slice turkey 1 Apple Granola with coconut milk Half of a grapefruit That's all so far. It's 12:30 pm here.
Isla, Violet, i love Georgina but dh doesn't. Boy names I like Rock and Van both which are big no's from dh at this point. Dh LOVES Mercedes for a girl and I hate it.
Tell me your favs!
Got my blood draw today for this. I'm not at all stressed about the results. It will be good to know though.
Yay monkeyscience!!!! So happy you heard that heartbeat. I'm 2weeks behind you, heard it at 9w4d at home with my own doppler. It's soooooo hard not to listen often since I have my own doppler. It's so cool to hear but I'm holding out until maybe 12 weeks and then I'll do another quick listen. I had a little scare today. I had my blood draw for lots of labwork. I'm Rh negative and they called me within a couple hours saying my antibody screen was positive. I freaked for a...
I've been looking at this point. I have stayed the same weight, which for me is good cause i started much heavier than i was with my previous pregnancy (8 years ago). I totally appreciate not looking and I might stop soon. I think the only worry with pregnancy and weight gain are those who start out pretty thin and do not gain enough!
I'm still feeling pretty bad. Unbelievably exhausted and nauseous. I'm 10 weeks today. Hoping I get a burst of energy soon. I want to be in bed always at this point!
I'm so sorry Bramblebaby
I'll have my blood draw for it tomorrow or Monday. I wonder if it's better to wait a little past 10 weeks? I'm 10 weeks today and am tempted to just do it tomorrow.
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