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Sorry you have to deal with that. Why can't everyone just be joyous for the moment? Your baby is there so celebrate!!!Ummm you look great. I would frighten you.I look 5 months pregnant, no joke. Fat layer + 3rd pregnancy= nice round solid baby bump.Congrats on that sweet little life you are growing!!!Im finally feeling better but mine was 24/7 too unless I was eating.
Yea they can probably hear a Doppler heartbeat at 10 so an u/s might be overkill even tho it is neat! Never had an u/s at all with my first.I want my midwife to go by ovulation day but I haven't bright it up yet. My lmp was jan 4 but I didn't ovulate until jan 18! That's almost 3 weeks. I want to buy an extra week bc they said if I go over they want to induce bc of my previous MC. No way on hell I'm getting induced but I don't want them breathing down my neck!I want to...
Congrats lady! Glad you are here!
My 2.5 yo still nurses and my BBs are really sore when he does but I don't notice it otherwise.
Inna: it is exciting but sure stressful bc you don't want to make the wrong choice. The one we probably will buy is 1985 house, extremely well maintained, huge and a great price bc they want to sell it really bad! Tons if storage room! Exciting.NS: no judging here. It would be nice to get DS to sleep in his own bed but everyone I try I fail!!! He so cute and lovey at night. And I work full time so I miss him and just want to snuggle.
Omg. Moved my whole childhood through college! Officially been in the current place the longest! 9 yrs! We are looking for our first home now. Hopefully we find it waaaay before baby comes but damn it's quite the process. Already looked at about 15 houses in just a week. I guess I'm picky bc I haven't found the one yet. Looking forward to *maybe* painting a nursery and big bros room. We'll see! My 2.5 yo sleeps with us and baby will too and we don't do cribs so...
Hi there and welcome!!!How are you all doing? I'm officially 13 weeks and started telling more ppl. Feeling confident this baby is here to stay! Nausea is starting to get better. Still food aversion. 3 weeks til my next appt.
I was thinking some of the new ppl might not know it's here too.I lurked all last month and didn't say anything even with all the excitement! Wish everyone well for sure!!!!
There are like 5 pregnant teachers at work right now!!! Babies will be everywhere! We are going to start a teacher mommy's club!
Anyone still following the April One thread? You should remind them about grad club!
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