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Thanks everyone! Yeah when I posted an ad last year I got lots of responses. Just unsure about paying when X isn't regular with c/s...I do have a couple sitters I know, but find I get better results when relationship is purely professional. The sitters that know you don't do the dishes
Asking around hasn't helped.
I was a sahm and a wahm and homeschooled my kids.  Now I am divorced and working, and miss the homeschooling AP moms a lot.  My only solution is to create 'can't miss' events on weekends...not playdates per say.  The first one I did was at an art exhibit...we took the kids and had a mini class and drew pictures in the style of the artist.  It was fun! 
Wondering if it's worth the 40 bucks...I really just want it to contact one really crunchy sitter in my area.  She seems so worth it...but I would hate to pay and have her not be interested.  I only need a sitter occaisionally, if that matters...
I am in this exact same situation. He has only paid a bit less than half these last 6 months. I am a Batista, so poor and need the.extra.few hundred a month. My X was abusive and I believe I fear the consequences of filing against him. I try to make the decision, and then take no action. I had to quit my second job to help my dad while he has cancer treatment...before I could let it slide but not so any more. He is a week and a half late right now...sigh.
 I did it for 2 years, homeschooling and single with 550 a month child support, and help from the state with a subsidy for the sitter.  I bartended and / or waited tables a couple nights a week.  
don't have another child with a man you don't love.  I knew I wanted a divorce when dd1 was 1 year old, but x had me in a legal trap and said he would get 100% custody.  Gaslighting b.s. but...dd2 was a complete accident...I only had sex with him because it was our anniversary and I couldn't find a way around it.  Got pregnant.  It took me 4 more years to get out (2 financial catastrophes in those years kept me in).  X did lots of mental damage to dd1 in those...
I would counter that it is not okay for people to have those beliefs about race.  Religion, yes.  But race?  People have been and still are killed because of their race.  Not sure how to phrase your rebuttal...but I would not say 'people have different opinions and that's okay'.  I would want to say people have different levels of being an asshat...ha.   If you live in a city with a good library system, I'm sure there are library books out there about accepting and...
yes, the baby's adrenal glands support the mother's, usually in the 3rd trimester.  my second was born with adrenal issues i fear.  when i take all the supplements mentioned above, i feel great.  i spent about a year going to bed at 9, and that helped too.  i also take 1 tsp ground citrus peel a day.  citrus peel was in the adrenal fatique formula my accupuncturist prescribed years ago.  it still helps.  oh, and the magnesium has to be mag citrate or mag glycinate, or...
I use abchomeopathy.com too.  it's the best site i've found.  
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