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And that a wagging tail does not always mean friendly and safe to approach. OP, on the 3rd you posted that you were feeling ok with this for now because of the precautions being taken by the neighbor and today, two days later, you're saying that yesterday - the day AFTER you talked with them - she was thinking of having the dog off-leash again. Dayum. I think that taking a fairly relaxed friendly approach could easily lead to a bad situation here.  
nak   continuously for the first few weeks. every time it breaks the surface. i go down the row, hillling as i go about 3 times a week.
Here in Idaho we don't have to register or test at all. It's brilliant. We're considering moving for work and I am not happy about moving to a state with stricter requirements - though compared to Idaho, that would be pretty much any state. :)
I think that maybe you should back off of this. And I say that as a mother who has quietly freaked out about her son's complete lack of verbal communication before. Just let her be for a bit.    
I think that you should trust your gut, but calm down. Breathe through the next week, don't get worked up, and see what is said at her appointment with the developmental specialist.   FWIW, my 3-year-old son has no words yet. None. Nada. Zip. He is also quite withdrawn in public. I don't make a big deal out of it because I don't want others to and at this point we don't know how much of it is personality and how much might be 'delays'. At this point, my fears are...
You do realize that you just equated 'thousands' of civilians killed by terrorists to the 'tens of thousands' of civilians (as you quoted MusicianDad saying - and his number is not exaggerated in the least) killed as a direct result of our actions fighting said terrorists.   Are 'our' civilians lives worth more than 'their' civilian lives?
I noticed that some of you have been to feministmormonhousewives - great site - or postmormon.org. I found postmormon.org to be freeing for the first few months and then way too angry after that. If you want a recommendation for a friendlier, more intellectual board that is postmormon, message me and I'll send you the link. I'd rather not put it here because last time I did that, I had some Mormon mothers from here follow me and get really hateful. So I just pm it now....
I don't, but I wanted to share an amazing mom who does unschool and works from home. She lives in England. She's an inspiration to me because I've always wondered "What would I do if something happened to my husband? She does web design from home.   Her website for the design is http://www.purenotions.co.uk/ and her personal blog is http://www.thewholemama.com/
Absolutely. My husband is Mormon and I am not. I was up until a few months into my pregnancy with my first child, but I'm not now. All of his extended family is and the vast majority of mine.  They see daddy/grandma/grandpa/cousins/aunts/uncles praying all the time. They hear them talking about 'the church'. They are exposed to those beliefs that are so strong they are a part of who those people are. They ask questions.   Don't be unsure of what you will say to him. You...
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