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I went to our local WF the other day to purchase probiotics. I was looking for something good for dd 23 mos and asked a worker who was very helpful BUT she also said, "you know, you really shouldn't take probiotics for more than a month or your gut will stop working on it's own. They should really only be used for specific issues." I'd never heard this before and it doesn't make much sense, I mean the flora (good and bad) grow there anyway right, it's not like your body...
I do the capsules-nordicnaturals with lemon so no fish but I taste lemon oil all day.
We have eliminated dairy for my dd 22 mos. She is still nursing, but decreasing as she eats other things. I know that dairy is not necessary but that it can provide a good amt of calories, fat and protein so what are some good replacements? She can't do soy. She likes meat/fish and tends to eat a lot of it if allowed to- is that enough? What about calcium? Do I need to worry about that for her?
A crockpot! I didn't even think of that and I have one I just never use it. Thank you for that reminder and for the other ideas too! Wendy
I know bone broth is highly recommended for gut healing but I'm just not home enough to boil the broth as long as needed to extract all the bone minerals. Most of my family also are not soup eaters although I know I could add creatively to other foods but I'm wondering if there is another option? Organic chicken or beef broth with no additives? Mineral supplement? Something else? Thank you! Wendy
Hi Thixle! Sounds like you know a lot about it. I understand about waiting but I worry if we wait will other problems present? ie I've read that even if there are no internal misplacements of organs etc. I've read that this can cause problems with incontinence/potty learning etc? My older dd stopped using diapers around 3 1/2- does that age tolerate anesthesia better than age 2? How could I find out? This seems so rare!
We also improved my dd's ears by visiting a chiro. We didn't know about removing dairy back then but after 3 recurrent ear infections we tried chiropractic- no ear infections in the last year.
Thank you! One more question- I was looking at the blood test results and they were all supposed to be IgE testing BUT the Soybean and Wheat both say IGG while the Egg and Milk say IGE. Is this what it is supposed to be or, did they really test IgG and IgE? I know I should call the allergist but he was so condescending- and specifically dismissed me because we "didn't have allergies" based on the skin test. I wonder if I should call the lab who did the testing.
Hi! We are newly in this area with our 22 month dd. She had an x-ray to rule out some gastric issues (which she doesn't have) but they found some internal evidence that suggests a problem so we have our first appt with a urologist on Monday to find out if this is indeed what she has. We've not noticed a problem but I guess it varies in severity. Have you found any good research places? I agree, googling around all I find are links about boys. Wendy
I've been learning so much about allergies so fast. Thank you to all here who keep answering my questions! Here are a few new ones! On Wednesday dd 22mos had skin testing to follow up on a RAST test that showed elevated soy and wheat. Her skin test was negative to everything they tried. The allergist said to not withhold any food. I asked for the levels of the RAST test. Took me until today to get them. Her wheat is at 26 with normal less than 2. This is quoted as a...
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