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Thank you! I'm so new to this. The funny thing is that we aren't having any other symptoms of allergies. Her sleep is good, her BM's are fine (solid, regular and no mucous), no behavioral issues. Can allergies get worse over time? If we don't pull soy and wheat out of her diet will the usual symptoms show up? TIA! Wendy
My dd who is 21 months has had excema almost since birth. Lately, I suspected dairy and pulled it out of her (and my) diet. I'm sure I didn't catch every bit of hidden dairy but just by removing milk and cheese the excema went away. So, we had to do a blood draw for other reasons and I asked if they could test for food allergies based on what is common in my family to confirm my suspicion of dairy. They tested for dairy, wheat, egg and soy. The test shows she has a...
A few weeks ago I found an article that proved/said supplementing with probiotics did go through breastmilk but now I can't find the link (why or why didn't I bookmark it) Does anyone know the article/study? I think it was done in the Netherlands?\ Wendy
yes. Sadly, we had a vanishing twin but it was very early. My first ultrasound at 7 wks showed a healthy baby bud with heartbeat and a baby that didn't grow past 5wks with no heartbeat. It was sad. We were told that this happens more than we all know. If I had had my first US at 12 weeks I would not have even known. I hope that you hear and see good news! Wendy
This makes me feel so much better! I was hoping it might just be age related!!
Our dd, 8 yo, has suddenly developed attention issues. She's bright and emotionally connected and has never had this problem before but now we can ask her not to do something and she goes and does it within 5 minutes. When we call her on it, she says she remembers us telling her not to but her body must have had other ideas. she's also having trouble paying attention in school. She has complained about being bored and says that's why she daydreams. Her teacher this year...
I like Carol Anania at the Lexington Reproductive Center. She was pretty knowledgeable about PCOS but since it's a big-ish practice when it came time for procedures I never had her but she was the thinker behind the plan.
I have a 21month old and haven't yet had to be gone overnight but it's coming up soon. The only benefit of child care at the conference is that he might be in there care for a short time and give you more time to nurse? Ie. Will he have to be in care for a long conference day or just the short time you are presenting then he could be with you the rest of the time, travel time and overnight? But, I agree that if I didn't know the care givers that would cause me worry tooo.
We've also had something similar recently. It's dehydration that is the real worry. My 21 month dd vomited for 3 full days- every hour and was near dehydration at the end when it stopped. The last few days were just 1 vomit each. Things that helped were giving her ice chips (someone else suggested icy breastmilk but I didn't try it), small sips of water (1 tsp every 15 mins) and just waiting it out. I HATE stomach bugs! I hope you all are feeling well soon!
Hi! I was just going to post the same question! I'm running a fever with a chest cold and feeling like I'd usually go for antibiotics but would rather a different option at this point!
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