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My dd, 21 mos, is constantly sick. Seem she catches every bug she's near. She literally is sick every 2 weeks. Recently she had a stomach bug from Tues-Fri so I thought we were done but on Sat. she developed a cough and then by Sun she was running a fever of 103.5. Sigh...I'm tired of it. She's in daycare 15 hours a week so I often wonder if this is just what having a dc in daycare is like. I thought about food allergies but she doesn't seem to have the symptoms many...
I don't have answers but I just wanted to let you know we are in the exact same boat! My 21 mos dd just spent the last 4 days vomiting- 1 day of acting normal and now she has a wet cough and fever of 103.5. No whooping but still scary because she occasionally vomits on a cough. I was wondering if this was some version of the flu but no one else in my house has the same thing.
I know of Dr. Horowits and Dr, Levatin but are there any other Boston area homeopaths that are good with kids? I think we need to find a constitutional remedy for our little one. Her immune system is just not working well! TIA! Wendy
Kris Dodge in Arlington, MA is a good Cranial person. She's a PT but also CST. I can dig up her number if you want.
My 8yo dd1 has never been a good sleeper. Over the years we've had better and worse patches and right now is a bad one for her. I'm wondering whether it is something I should worry about or something that will sort itself out. We have always had a family bed but when dd 2 arrived (almost 2 years ago). DD1 wanted to move to her own room and no longer wanted a parent in her room to go to sleep. Usually she'd wind up back in our bed somewhere between 2-5am. This was good...
Thanks MAMom! That's what I wondered. Homeschooling isn't for us but I'm looking for a school that is going to do something different- no more worksheets! or at least a lot fewer. Have you found another school here on the north shore that was different?
I've been going to the Slaks in Lexington. I usually see Dr. Linda but her husband Jean- Marc is good too.
We're looking at the possibility of private schools near us and like what we've seen so far but I'm looking for first hand (or secondhand) info on what it's really like? Anyone have experience with them? Wendy
I think I'd have to say something- with gentleness because I couldn't live with myself IF something did happen to that child and I never spoke up. For me it has less to do with whether it is or isn't truly safe it's how I would FEEL about it if I didn't speak it. It may not change your friends mind/behavior but at least you might feel like you did what you could.
Hi all I'm looking for a dog kennel in or near Southbury, CT. Ideally, it'd be one where the dogs aren't crated but have free run of an area (we have a great dog boarding facility near us named Bed & Biscuit) but I really just want a good, safe place for a 3 day stay. (My parents are going to watch our dog while we are away for a few weeks but there is a 3 day stretch in the middle where they can't care for her.) Thanks for any leads! Seawen
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