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Quote: Originally Posted by Mama Mko My oldest son had a lot of pain when he intially started separating. He is not totally retractable yet as far as I know (I haven't tried, of course.) He balloons a lot when he pees. He is 4 1/2. He was never retracted. This is exactly the case with my son except that he's almost 7.
Quote: Originally Posted by PuppyFluffer I was not asked to participate in this study. I would have swayed the data to a different conclusion. Me too.
Thanks for the update!
Quote: Originally Posted by eepster It might just be a bit of smegma. Smegma is exactly what my first thought was, too. When my son's foreskin first started to separate (although it's still not retractable), small pockets of pinkish/tan smegma would sometimes form and wash out when he peed. Granted he was about 3 when this happened, but all boys are different. If he's not showing any other symptoms, I wouldn't worry, but of course a...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlessedMommy2006 To be honest, I'm surprised, because I thought that the UK of all places would give out correct intact care advice! Me too, that's why I asked. I think if I were the OP, I might try to do some shopping around for a different doctor.
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole The MRI is clear. No abnormalities at all. And while it means we still don't know exactly what's up, it also means no tumors or anything like that. It's a relief. Now we can move on to treating the symptom, I guess. Thanks so much for hanging in with us. Your continued prayers and thoughts mean so much to me. I just can't tell you. Thank you. That's very, very good news!!
The average age of retraction is somewhere after TEN years old. Most boys are retractable by the end of puberty. Your son does not need to be circumcised. My 7 year old has exactly the same kind of foreskin you describe on your toddler -- except that I've never seen his glans since I've never tried to retract him. I do know, however, that he has tried in the bathtub without success. Have you read about the normal symptoms of separation? Has he been tested to see if...
My dh was circed as an infant and has suffered sexual consequences (which I'm no longer able to discuss freely on this board) his entire adult life. For him, and for many others who have similar problems, the consequences of circumcision are far from "temporary." Just because it heals fine in a few days doesn't always guarantee it's going to work fine in adulthood. Yes, the majority do just fine, but why is it up to your husband to take the chance just so it looks like...
I read once somewhere that the US and Israel are the only two nations with huge viagra sales -- that it's a rarely-prescribed drug in European countries, for example. I wish I could find that again sometime to see if I could verify that.
I practiced this little speech over and over again in my head, and I still say it every time I take my son to the doctor BEFORE he is unclothed. "My son's penis is intact and is not yet retractable. Please do not manipulate his foreskin in any way." You need to say it well before you would have need to say "Stop" because it can happen quickly.
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