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"I can easily see mama’s wanting ads blocked on the Grief and Loss forum too. If we do block for specific forums, how can we justify not doing so on another?" The same exact way you justify not allowing members to post in S.A until they have 500 posts and have been here a certain amount of time. I understand you are not being insensative, but I have to say- yes there are ads that a mother has to face everyday, but MDC was supposed to be above that I thought. There...
No I fully assume that it is a matter of simply not placnig the code on those pages- or removing the code.
ty mommas
These are from last years @ Christimas- I am nto sure if you want Christian shots- these first ones are from a nativity pagent-.. I am not Christian but it was my mum's church- my daughter is Jesus. It bothers me less knnowing Jesus is a girl and Mary is my 50 year old lesbian mother..heh My son Kalb is the touchey feely shepard.. I have some of my kids lighting candles for solstice .....
ty greenie!
sorry if i am beatign a dead horse- oh man that sayign it awful.. geez. anyway- I can not really submit work unless I know where the money is going.. And i know you need it asap too!.. I know you said most feasible there.. But I just want to clarify. I can not give permission for the sale and display 9of my work without beign positive of the details. I know we retain ownerships and righs- btu when we are submittign to a project where there is more than one artist...
that is too cute!
bump again
of course!.. have you decided exaclty where the proits will be going?..
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