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weird dood. ty momma (again)
*bumpz* up
I know what yer saying CMM- I know we shoudl all count here- but really it is up to MDC and MDC only.
I personally think you should lie in bed every night and place your hands on your belly and say over and over.. "my body is healthy and strong." I do not think you should mourn your life momma.. you are not your mother your father your grandmother or grandfather. I am sorry you are struggling so much and in so much pain, but i think you need to find ways to have faith in yoru body.. and I think your should too! You brought life into this world.. you are nourishing...
thanx Goddess..
http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=530793 ty~
Aww I wish it had not been moved.. since I already have a thread here abotu this exact issue (right below) I was hoping more mommas could see it and comment.
i know the answer will be we can report ads. but really does anyone want a victim of abusing having to report ads? or a momma who has lost her babe? i just wonder if it is worth it and when i think about the basic intentions of "mothering" making money before harming a momma sure does not add up.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrzmeg But the banners at the top of the pages (which have been there for a year or two, IIRC) already do that...and at least Google ads don't have graphics... if you look- by the time you scroll past the forum annoucements the ads are out of site. google ads will run along the side i assume and even while reading threads will be right there. I wish mdc would have no ads in these areas..or at least forum freindly,...
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